Question 1a:  I downloaded one of your products from TpT and it won't print, what can I do? 
Answer:  If you have a mac, check out this link from one of my blogging friends, Ashleigh, to find out a possible answer.  If you are still having difficulty, email the tech crew at TpT here.
 To print large graphic files:

Choose the print icon.
Go to Advanced.
Choose Print As Image.

You might need to find a comparable solution for your particular printer software as they are all different.

You can also try clearing the 'cache' of your printer software.

Question 1b:  When I download your product, all I see is black boxes and blurriness...what gives?  Go to my friend Janaye's blog to find out a possible answer.  Again, if you are still having difficulty, email the tech crew at TpT here.

Question 2:  I see your blog mentioned all over the internet.  How did you become so visible amongst the hundreds and hundreds of other bloggers out there?
Answer:  This is an easy one.  I simply signed up for Charity Preston's Teaching Blog Traffic School.  Charity is a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom/entrepreneur who is teaching other teachers get more traffic to their blogs.  It was the best $37 I have ever spent.  I have made that back hundreds of times over since last June all because of this course and the support group you become a part of upon joining.  You can do it, too, by clicking  the bus below to get more information or to sign up.  You will not be disappointed, it has opened so many doors for my family and me, and it can do the same for you:

Teaching Blog Traffic School

Question 3:  Do you accept Guest Bloggers?
Anser:  Why, yes, I do take inquiries.  I have four basic guidelines that must be followed for my guest posters (borrowed from Spiceupyourblog.com):

1. Post must be on topic with your blog - I have worked really hard to gain and maintain a targeted audience.  I appreciate all followers and readers, however, when I write and share, I feel that my blog targets PK-1.  I want articles specific to those ages and freebies that would benefit that age group.  I require pictures to be a part of your article.

2. Post must have no links in the body - The accepted rule in guest posts is two Do-Follow links for the author in the foot of the post.  Of course there are exceptions, some posts use references that will require a link.  I just don't want a post that is full of links to leave my blog.  That would sort of defeat the purpose of allowing guests write here.  Of course, if you are providing a freebie, that would be another exception.  Please have the link go DIRECTLY to the freebie (not to your blog to find a link to go to the freebie).

3. Quality - Of course, I will be picky with posts being published.  I take great care with my own posts and expect that my guest posters do the same.  I reserve the right to not post articles based on the lack of quality or informative information that my readers would enjoy or benefit from.

4. Exclusive - Every guest post much be original and not published anywhere else.Posts should be written fspecifically for Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business and my audience.


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