Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mrs. Miner's Steals of the Day And FREEBIES, too!
Get ready...
Get set...
Go shop!

Ready to shop?  On Monday and Tuesday, you can save 28% off of everything in my store because Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale! Everything in my store will be 20% off on Monday and Tuesday and Teachers Pay Teachers is offering an additional 10% off, which actually comes out to a savings of 28%! Make sure you use the code SMILE to save the extra 10%!

Shop on Monday and Tuesday, and save 28%. 
BUT, in my store, I have already deeply discounted bundles, so you actually can save WAY MORE than that if you check out my bundled options:
If you thinking the above product sounds interesting, but aren't quite sure what it is, please check out this blog post which includes and quick video of the system in action!  It has been a HUGE motivator in my classroom and a organizational LIFESAVER for me. It took me years to perfect the systems and I have just finally been able to share it with my readers!
At the request of many readers who wanted their hands on ALL basic Pokey Pin kits, I bundled the 5 basic literacy and math kits together at a greatly reduced price.  Now, with the sale, it is EVEN lower!  Basically, getting it bundled AND using the promo code SMILE will get you 5 kits for the price a little more than 2.
$10.88 for a regularly priced $25 product!
Mine and my students FAVORITE literacy center. Of course, the students are drawing BUT there is of course a literacy twist with it that you decide on!  You can focus on reading, handwriting, or constructed responses OR students can write their own stories in response to their new drawings. 
In first grade, I use their drawing responses to teach them how to restate and use part of the question to respond and then, eventually add supporting details to questions. Sold separately, it costs $16, but bundled together it is only $12 which would be marked down to $8.64, so it is basically buy one, get one at this sale price!
Clicking on either of the pictures above or below will take you to this product, but also a fun matching FREE elf puzzle that goes great along with it!
This kit will is only $5 and that's BEFORE the 28% off!
And, last but not least, everyone's favorite holiday FAMILY or IN CLASS project is disguising the Gingerbread Man from the fox:


The annual TpT Holiday Ebook has been discontinued, but please find all of the previous years' versions in my store and grab TONS of FREE ideas and printables to make your holiday season with your students a little more easy and a little more fun!

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