Sunday, August 2, 2015

Let's Play I have/Who Has With Freebielicious
Everyone loves the game I have, who let's see how good you are at OUR version.  Click on the picture above to start at the beginning and see how well you know the
Freebielicious girls!  Keep track for bragging rights and let us know how well you "know" us.
Did you guess that I was the queen of Pokey Pinning and loved monkeys?  Ding, ding, ding....
You are correct!
Hhmmm, not sure what would ever give away that I love, love, love monkeys....I have a strange sort of fascination with them. Like, all I want is a pet monkey, but, living in Maine it isn't even allowed with a permit. Booo!
You've probably seen this picture of me, but I'll share again because it was a (minor) dream come true for  me:
I met this diaper-clad monkey in South Carolina at Barefoot Landing (they were just visiting, they actually live in a reserve by Myrtle Beach).  He LOVED me...I mean like climbed right over my cute, sweet boys to get to me and hug me. He knew I loved him, too. I wanted to bring him home with me so badly, but it wasn't happening.  And, yes, my boys were slightly embarrassed about my show of affection for this monkey I'd never met before. "Mom, it's not a baby, it's a monkey..." hence the reason he wanted to hang with ME and not them. 
If you have NO IDEA what Pokey Pinning is,
click here for all of my previous posts and explanations and even a tutorial.
Now, I didn't invent Pokey Pinning BUT I can say that, when I posted my first Pokey Pin product years and years ago, there was nothing available like it on TpT (Yes, I always check for that before I post a new product).  It seemed like such a given to me when my student teacher introduced me to pinning pictures for the fine motor development.  We were working on the Nursery Rhyme 3 Little Kittens, so we did a picture of a cat to connect it to our learning AND I added the words "the kitten", or something to that effect.
The kids were....
They were....
They were.....
They were...
They were...
and I was...
I knew it had to become a regular part of our curriculum and so I created the ABC, simple patterns for my students to pin and it just kept going from there
....sight words, Dolch words, fluency phrases, numbers, shapes, etc...
Pokey Pinning became a regular part of all of our different workshops.  It was a WIN for ALL of us, because, let's face it, fine motor is development is SO important
but is ALSO missing from most primary curriculums nowadays.

I have lots of different choices at my store for you, but my favorite is this basic skills bundle. It is like buying 3 kits, but getting 5 including ABCs, sound correlation, sight words, numbers to 10 AND 2d and 3d shapes.
  (and even less during the TpT B2S sale when you get an additional 28% off-
actually a $25 product for $10.80- a 57% discounted rate)
OR you can click below to find all packs listed separately because I also have kits for students who need to practice more difficult sight words AND sight word fluency:

 So, now that you've realized that it is more than necessary to add Pokey Pinning to your classroom, starting the first day of school and have added it to your wish list for the sale tomorrow, you need to figure out if you know which Freebielicious girl is up next by using the following clues:

Guess before you click....then see if you are right!
Have fun and don't forget to add the promo code BTS15
to get a total of 28% off my ENTIRE store
(not speaking from experience or anything).


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