Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wonderful Idea Wednesday


I have been using my math fact and sight word assessment systems all year long and do you think this WONDERFUL (well, to me) idea ever crossed my mind even once for a millisecond??
 Nope! I have no idea why...it seems so obvious, so simple, and so....EASY
(all of the things I am ALL about with teaching...).  
While considering making a  video of me assessing a student (Click here for a quick video I just recently added that clearly shows the procedure for this!!!!)for either math fact fluency or sight word assessment to show just how quickly these mini, individualized assessments can be...I got thinking of ways to make it even quicker (premise being that the quicker you finish with a child, the quicker you can get on with the next child). Sitting next to me was a pile of blank notecards (every student is always working on either 6 letters or words AND 6 math facts at a time based on their individual oral assessments) and I thought about how that was an extra step EVERY time a student is ready for new words or new math facts....(finding notecards) counting out 6 cards, (finding stapler) stapling said cards together or, giving in, and letting student staple them together because stapling is just sooooo fun!
Why did I never think to have all of the notecards stapled into sets of 6 for the whole year? I have left a pile of notecards on my counter this summer with a stapler and, when I have an extra minute or two, have been creating PREMADE FLASHCARD SETS! I am also thinking it will be a great job for a volunteer or even a trustworthy student to do! 

It will save time having them all made up and being able to just quickly grab one, write the child's 6 letters/words/facts that they need to work with, and send them off!
Now, apparently my bright ideas come in twos, because as I was stapling, I realized I just how wasteful I had been all year! I would make the students their cards to keep in their book boxes, reassess when they were ready, then put a big smiley face on the front of the stapled cards and send them home....
Now, I am going to put a smiley face, then FLIP over the cards and write their new letters/words/or math facts on the lined side.  So, they can continue to practice and work with their "just learned" info, along with their 6 new words or facts!  Seriously, I have no idea why this is just coming to me now?? BUT, it definitely will allow further practice with new fluency learning AND save on my notecards! Now, I'd say that makes for a WONDERFUL IDEA.
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  1. You could buy the unlined cards as well.

  2. Great post! It shows how we're always happily thinking and planning and reevaluating. All the time.


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