Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello from Maine everyone! 
I am linking up with my Freebielicious gals for five days worth of  Linky Parties!
Today is
Tell Us About You Tuesday!
So, you are going to learn some tid-bits about me as a
person AND educator today.
First and foremost, I am a mom.
Second, I am a teacher.
And third, I am a blogger.
I am BLESSED, seriously, BLESSED beyond belief
with the two boys I have.
Not that I would love them any less if they were any different, but, they are my everything and they are perfect to me.
It is just me and my boys (8.5 and 10.5)living together in our sweet, perfect-for-us-home on a quiet cul de sac.

 We like to travel together for sure. Usually our trips are to South Carolina to see my parents who live there more than half the year, but this summer we ventured to Walt Disney World.  Probably a big mistake because now all we want to do is go back there!
Cayden is going into 5th grade and my Dawson is going into the third grade. It is the last year he will be in the same school as me.  It's a sad thing, but I feel like we've been so lucky to share a school for this long and he should be ready to fly in a year, going to a new school.
I've been teaching for 16 years now. Most of my years have been as a kindergarten teacher, but I've had experience with Reading Recovery, 5th, 7th, and most recently, 1st. I have been working on my masters for. a. long. time....and it will continue to be a long time.  Being a single mom isn't really conducive to taking classes regularly, so I take them as I can and know I will get there when the time is right.
I am a HUGE believer of keeping up with the latest and greatest for my students though, so I am constantly reading professional books and articles, as well as researching the internet for the current best practices. 
I posted my first product on TpT when it first began (does anyone know how to find the date of your first posted product?).  I can't believe how long ago that sounds and I never in a million years could've known then how that company would've evolved by 2015. 
It wasn't until 2011 when I began blogging that I started getting my name out there and the real monkey business started. 
The products that I make are entirely student inspired and classroom tested. They are created first for my students and me, to make my life easier, to make their understanding better, to practice a tricky concept, to organize, etc...and then second for my readers and buyers if they were successful for my students and me in the classroom.
Hint, hint...I hope you've read this post CAREFULLY! There just MIGHT be a little follow up game to it on Fun Friday
 (with prizes?!)! 
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  1. I am from South Carolina so that sounds like fun trips to me! Can't wait for fun Friday.

    Jessica Zannini
    Notes From the Portable

  2. This is stunning way that you used to introduced yourself. It was great to know about you. I am also a teacher at Phoenix pre-k. I love doing fun things with my students but at very same time I am very serious about the studies of my students.

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