Sunday, January 11, 2015

Incorporate Technology Into Math Workshop EASILY (all the work is DONE for you)

Hello Everyone!  I am SUPER excited to announce a guest poster and great friend of mine....You all know her as Mary from Sharing Kindergarten and she is going to tell you all about a product that she created just for me for all the first grade teachers who still like to teach like kindergarten teachers and work smarter, not harder!
(but, have no fear, there are Computer Sheets available
for kindergarten and many subject areas as well!)....
.  My students use it EVERYDAY during my math workshop.....
Mary has saved me HOURS of searching and finding the perfect learning games that correspond with our math curriculum.  I love this product and bow down to her every time we are switching math concepts and all I have to do is click an icon on my desktops (actually, now my students are finding the icons themselves) and the students are ready to choose from a variety of ready to go links with picture clues and practice whatever our current math skill is that we are learning in a variety of ways!
Thank you so much for sharing your MAD TECH SKILLS  with us Mary and joining in on the Monkey Business here and sharing your ingenious technological concept for us to use in our classrooms!

Hi Sweet Friends...
This is
 from a little old blog called
I am here as a guest blogger to share with you an outstanding resource
for your classroom that I am confident you are going to love.
And we have a FREEBIE involved as well as a GIVEAWAY.

I am so blessed to be friends with the AMAZING Krissy Miner
and ALL her monkey business.
Here we are hanging out in VEGAS at I Teach K this summer....
{As a matter of a fact... 
this is Krissy, a cool gal named Beth, ME, and our friend Jennifer from Simply Kinder.}
And yes... I am slightly crazy... in the best way possible. 

I talk with Krissy all the time, but I got to SEE her beautiful face in person this summer.
She is surprising very quiet in person... maybe shy?
 And she is very funny.

 And she is so helpful.
See... I had a TON of requests for a 1st grade version of my
But I don't teach 1st...
so Krissy stepped up to help me out
with specific topics to cover.
We wanted to MAKE SURE all the content areas
 you could possible teach in 1st grade were covered.

Wait... Stop...
Lets take a moment to SHOW YOU how simply 
 FANTASTIC Computer Center Sheets are.

They WORK.
Your students can use these Computer Center Sheets to
play to learn INDEPENDENTLY

Here are all the 1st Grade Math Content Topics that are covered.
And after so many hours of computer work and 1st grade teacher testers...
I introduce you to...

I use these everyday in my classroom and I love them to pieces.
But I want you to know how great they are RISK FREE!
So I want you to grab this freebie to try out. 
It is a 100 days of school Computer Center Sheet.

{You have to click here to take you to the HOLIDAYS pack... 
and download the PREVIEW file to grab this freebie.}

Then, take a moment to win this pack FREEEEEE!

And if you are interested in any other Computer Center Sheet version...
I have lots!


  1. I have 4-5 computers available for this resource, which is something I really need and my students would love. I would also be interested in second grade for differentiation.

  2. I need these! I have the K ones but was never able to use them since they switched me to first grade over the summer!! Oh, and the cool gal Beth in the photo, is pretty cool!! 😀

  3. I'd love to win these! I have the K but teaching a k/1 makes this even better!! I can't get on the giveaway link :(

  4. You can now, Maureen! Give a try again...sorry there was something going on at first!

  5. That picture of you all from Vegas is too funny! Julie Green Apple Lessons

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