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Sunday, February 2, 2014

SuperBowl Sale - Score a Touchdown HERE!

Hi Ladies, Here's the Super Bowl button. Please let me know if I need to change anything! Thanks! :)
It's SuperBowl day and the Freebielicious girls are celebrating by throwing a sale for all of you!
My entire store is on sale for 20% off which can make for some really great deals for all of you.
My top selling 100th Day Family Project Kit is down to $4 for today. Read all about how people all over the country are celebrating with this new twist on 100s day collections idea here!
Here are all of our 100th day capes!
We made 100th Day glasses with 100 stamps to go with our 100th Day capes! Thanks for the idea!
Our 100th day capes!!!!
Or my (and my students FAVORITE contemporary literacy center (or station...whatever it is they want to call them now!) DRAW IT NOW (with a literacy response!)...bought separately they cost $16, bundled together and with this sale, t
they are only $9.60
now THAT is a steal (do they do steals in football???) if so, that would be a perfect way to justify this sale!
If not, just go shopping and check out all of my other friends' sales from Freebielicious
 as well!

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Mandy Myers said...

I love the capes.

A Special Kind of Class

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