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Thursday, November 7, 2013

November Turkey Round Up of FREEBIES and FUN

 Click on the pictures below to go grab some freebies to get you through the Thanksgiving season with your kiddos.  The ever popular Goofy Turkey pattern always makes classrooms look festive:
I was thrilled to open up my 1st grader's folder today and find none other than my turkey pattern and letter from my Disguise a Turkey packet!  This is one of my FAVORITE activities to do with my own students and now my son and I get to do the project together THIS WEEKEND!
 In case you've never heard of the Disguise the Turkey project, it is a class or school wide project that you do to save Tom the Turkey from the hunters who want to hunt and eat him up for Thanksgiving dinner.  We send it home as a family project, but it is also a fun project to work on in school.  This year, my students will be using the planning pages to "plan" their best disguise for Tom and also creating trading cards of the "turkey" they come up with.  All of this is included in the kit to make implementation of this project EASY SCHMEASY (because that's the way we like it!).  Here are some examples I will be showing my son to get his wheels turning:
I mean really, everyone runs from skunks, don't they???

I love how the child's hand prints are incorporated so perfectly into this disguise!
This was a first and a favorite!  I've never had a student turn the turkey horizontal to disguise him, let alone turn it into a non living object!  Awesome ideas completed with only markers and an imagination!
You can do this project with your class, too!  Click below to get all of the materials you need in one succinct kit for only $5.  It's great for all grade levels!

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Glindathgd said...

Thank you so much for posting the Goofy Turkeys! Do you read a particular story before you do this activity with your class?

Mrs. Miner said...

Oh my gosh, so sorry I missed this question and its probably too late now! Either way, I read a book called Turkey Trouble that relates DIRECTLY to this project! It is perfect and helps students understand their purpose easily! Thanks for stopping by!

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