Monday, May 6, 2013

I Got 20 Dollas in my Pocket....

I just put my entire store on sale for 20% off!  Couple that with TpT's promo code TAD13 and you can get a whopping 28% off.  This only happens a couple of times per year.  Be sure to grab my latest products.  When you purchase my bundled products, you get really deep discounts!  So stock up on
Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business's signature EASY TO PREPARE, IMPLEMENT AND USE in your classroom CENTERS and classroom projects. 
Here are some of my newer products and some oldie, but goodies:


Here are just some of the goodies I am looking forward to getting during the sale tomorrow:
Love me some Differentiated Kindergarten and my kiddos are so ready for dolch phrases! Bring it on!
I am so excited to use this kit to give my students a better understanding of grammar AT THEIR LEVEL!  Everything by Kreative in Kinder is awesome!
Seriously the easiest way to get kinders writing research papers!  Kindergarten Lifestyle really gets how to scaffold the youngest learners!  Can't wait to use it!
 Also, be on the look out because later this week my pals and I from Freebielicious are having a really fun giveaway to show our appreciation for our readers!

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  1. I just found out I will be teaching Kindergarten for the first time next year. If you could recommend one material from your store what would it be? I am moving from a 4 / 5 room to a K - 2 room, so I need to start preparing all new materials.

  2. Tables or desks?? I would recommend to buy community buckets for the Center of their table/pod for crayons, scissors, pencils etc... I buy them all in different colors & that becomes the table "name". I.e. "blue table go sit on the carpet", "red table line up" etc..... > oh...and a large rug/carpet by the calendar or the chair you'll be sitting at for read-alouds :)
    Also having plenty of manipulatives! Especially for math! (linking cubes, tens frames mats, counters (red/white sides)).
    I'm willing to give more hints, tips or advice but don't wanna bore you! Feel free to email me w/ specifics!!!! :)

    -Miss B! ;)

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