Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Day After Lucky the Leprechaun Comes

Although St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, I have a feeling that Lucky will be lingering for a LONG time in our classroom.  There are just some "things" that kinders cling to and the Legend of the Shrinking hats is one of them.  I am always one to go where my students take me and this time will be no exception. 
As soon as the students received their hats and booty, I had paper ready for them to write a letter to Lucky and got some of the best writing so far this year.  Students are inspired to write by things like this and we just need to take full on advantage of that and nudge them along when we can.  Lucky will be writing them back and forth until they tire of him and move onto something else.  After they wrote their letters, they went on a shamrock hunt to find all the shamrocks left by Lucky that spelled out a "secret" message that they were so excited to decode! 
The best part about this activity that lasts for days is how easy, inexpensive and un-MESSY it is. For me, the days of getting side glances from the custodians (think glitter in the rug, overflowing green water, etc...) and WILD children are GONE, Gone, gone:

And Pokey Pinning story starters.....so excited about the "new" addition to the pokey pinning center.

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