Sunday, March 24, 2013

Center Plans for This Week plus a POPPIN' FREEBIE

People often ask me where on earth I come up with some of my ideas and I have to tell you I ask myself the same thing sometimes, but any "original" (and I use that term loosely because, let's be real, are there really any original ideas in teaching??) idea I come up with is almost always inspired by my students.   My students are progressing on a daily basis with their mechanical writing skill and they are staying on topic (as much as these babies can anyway!), so I knew we were ready to start making our writing sound better by using better word choices....but how, oh how to do it is the question.  I have used the Fancy Nancy series for this endeavor before, but my current class is not a Fancy Nancy class at all and I am a firm believer in letting the children take the lead. 
So on DAY 1 of discussing word choice, I simply talked up the boring topic and made it sound super fun to just use better know you can convince them.  But, as I was explaining it to them and giving examples and non-examples, one of my students said,
"Those words are poppin'!" and so that is how we were going to describe all BETTER word choices for the rest of the year.
The Inspired AppleBefore I post ideas that I think are my own "original" ideas, I always do a google search and up popped a writing descriptive writing activity on Pop Rocks from one of my faves, Babbling Abby.  She has students use the candy and describe it and, of course, provides many other ideas and printables to help you easily implement this activity in your classroom.  This would be a great way to introduce Poppin' Words in your classroom and then generalize it afterwards with my anchor chart idea.  If you are on the fence whether this will work or not, please let me share a piece of writing from an average writer in my classroom after our discussions of poppin' writing vs. boring writing:
"Cotton candy is so tasty.  It tastes like nothing I have ever tasted before.  It feels so good when it is popping in your mouth." 
-Written by a kindergartner in Mrs. Miner's classroom
Click here if you are interested in having poppin' writing in your classroom and want to use my anchor chart to assist you. It is provided in google docs FREE!

So, in addition to creating amazing writing in the classroom, my student will also be involved with new centers as you can see below.  Actually they are old centers that are renewed.  If you know about how I have implemented centers in my classroom, you know I have "staple" centers that my students are professionals at and I just "nudge" their learning a little higher each week, so they are completely independent (and I can pull my soaring readers into groups!).

Click below to get a closer look at my center plans for this week and know that the centers that are shown are for my mid range students and they are modified and adapted (differentiated if you will) according to my students' levels. 

I linked up to Mrs. Willis' Peek at my Week Linky Party!  Check out what others are doing this week and you are likely to be inspired!
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  1. Love this idea!!! Also - I am trying to click on your weekly center file, but it isn't linking anywhere, any chance the link isn't working? Would love to read your ideas!! :)

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  3. Did I miss something? What does TLW stand for in your center plans?


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