Monday, January 21, 2013

Why I Love 3 Day Weekends & "It makes me feel like an artist!"

3 day weekends are the best.  You can get all of your "chores" done, play some and then will still likely have some extra time to do some more of whatever it is that you love to do.  Here is a sampling of just SOME of the stuff we did this weekend:
My 2nd grader has a project and report due on Friday.  His father had this cross section of a tree that a woodpecker had made a nest in and convinced Cayden he should switch from doing his report on a bald eagle to a Downy Woodpecker.  Not a bad idea!  It was really fun going through the whole process with him for the first time.  We made true to size replicas of the nest and eggs and drilled holes in the top to add more information.  Even the little one helped out and ended up making his own little project (wish I had a pic of that, too---so cute!). 
Here is his report (that he wanted to laminate-he is soooooo my kid!):

I just had to share it...I am just so proud of how neatly he writes and how much information he came up with, put entirely into his own words!

Here is mom's project for the weekend.  The cat eats in the bathroom is so pretty and then there was this container of ugly cat food.  I took care of that problem and, after a few burnt fingers, got it done.  I just glued all different shades and shapes of blue, green and clear jewels around the outside.  I love it--you'd never know there was smelly cat food in there!  I've already bought tons more jewels for the next project (s!) and I plan to do it in more of pattern, with the same shaped jewels to create a more uniformed look...but, until then, I am loving my fancy kitty food jar (inspired by my favorite librarian's gift from her daughter in law).
I paid my boys to be my guinea pigs for my latest directed drawing project (is that bad?).  I can never get them to willingly or excitedly partake in my monkey business, so I figured why should they work for nothing? (And, of course, I won't get their best work if they aren't bribed).  Above is my awesome 7 year old in second grade.  Below is my kindergartener who is 5.  He was a little nervous (can you tell?) getting started...he is your student who wants everything he does to be perfect.  Aren't they just the sweetest things you've seen? No bias of course!
See the little mark on the bottom of Dawson's page?  That is what I call a starter page.  I do this with the younger kids to get them started and assure proportional, decent-sized drawings.  Too many times I've seen kiddos get started  with eency weency parts and then their drawing is so tiny, they can't even fit details on it.  Sometimes, it works....other times, they would have been way better off with a starter page.  I highly recommend giving all kinders starter pages until they are well seasoned at directed drawings.

See how good a 5 year old can draw when "directed" appropriately?  He was so proud of himself!

This should say "directed by mom" because he did this drawing completely by himself!  I have to tell you what he said when I asked him how he liked doing this directed drawing and (I quote--I couldn't even make this stuff up!):
"It makes me feel like an artist!"
( them so much.)

Here is  my latest creation that includes step by step pictorial guides, as well as writing activities that you can display with your students' drawings.  Click on the picture if you are interested in more information:
Just one more reason why my boys are so fun.  These pictures are what they took on their nature walk today.  Some of the pictures were of true footprints...others were debateable, but I loved the imagination and creativity that was involved in what "could have been".....

We obviously had a huge gaggle/flock (?) of turkeys running around...they were everywhere!  Just wished I'd seen those toms-they crack me up!


This is "evidence" of a bear scratching on a tree. (?)  Not sure about that one, but love the thinking.

And I quote, "Why would someone just get rid of something so useful?" Glad it stayed there in the woods and didn't get brought home like usual. 
And here is a clue of a 100s day project I will be doing with my students for the first time ever and that I am sooooooooooo excited about.  Hope it's not a bust, but, either way, I'll post about it for you.  The kids are going to love it and I really hope the parents are just as excited about getting involved. Stay tuned..... 


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  1. Love the idea of a starter page. I just bought your guided drawing set yesterday. I can't wait to use it with my kids!

    Extra Special Teaching

  2. Very good post Why I Love 3 Day Weekends & "It makes me feel like an artist! for all of us ,thanks for sharing!!!

  3. LOve them really, they're not just cute artists but at the same time good.. Keep it up!

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