Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome to the 3D Shape Cafe

A simple, fun way to culminate your 3D shape unit and be sure that your students will never forget the names of the shapes.  It doesn't take any time at all to prep this activity for such a memorable event for the kiddos.
All you need:
  1.  is 4 adults (we were lucky to each have a student teacher as we ended this unit!) to be the "waitresses". 
  2. Solid shape signs (I used Kindergarten Smile's adorable signs-see right) attached to lanyards.
  3. foods that represent each of the 4 basic 3D shapes (cylinder, sphere, cube, and cone).
  4. Serving trays for each "waitress" to serve their 3D shape food from.

Let all of the students know that they are going on a field trip to the 3D Shape Cafe and introduce them to each of the waitresses who are wearing a shape poster around their neck on a lanyard.
Mrs. Sphere
Mrs. Cylinder
Mrs. Cone
and Mrs. Cube (or Misters if applicable, of course!).
They place their order by asking for the type of shaped food that each waitress has. So, yes, you will have to hear, "Can I please have a cube?" 40 times (if you are like us and like to combine classes to do fun things like this!), but that means everyone else is hearing it that many times as well...repetition is great for getting information locked into the memory, wouldn't you say?  We used the cone shaped water cups as their container and gave them sphere and cube shaped candies, as well as cylinder shaped (big, HUGE) marshmallows.  They honestly thought they were in heaven coming to the 3D Shape Cafe and likely won't forget their solid shapes anytime soon! 
Also, check out some of the cutest Pinterest inspired snowmen that we made after reading the book Snowmen at Night:

 I photocopied the basic snowman shape onto black construction paper (yes, it does show up) and had the children use Q tips to "paint" inside the 3 circles.  The following day I had them color and cut out the hats and scarves that I drew for them and then, glue them on.  They had to respond in writing by telling me what their snowman would do at night!  I think they came out adorable.  If anyone knows the originator of this idea, please let me know.  I am not trying to take credit for creating this project, simply sharing the fun we've had with it in my classroom!


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