Friday, November 23, 2012

Making My December School Plans!

Marsha M. Moffit McGuire Here is the one Michelle did
I always look forward to a good sale and Cyber Monday is no exception.  Not only will I be shopping up a storm, but planning the rest of this "year" as well with lots of great products.
Below are some activities that I love to do in December and some new ones I am going to try:

This kit will is only $5 and that's BEFORE the 28% off!

The kids love the GBM Project and it can last over a span of a couple of weeks.

Of course, you need to keep some normalcy in your classroom...I will continue doing some Pokey Pin Activities in my classroom, albeit holiday/winter related:

Now is a great time for you to implement my ready to go centers (that will last you throughout the year) by purchasing my bundles:
Stamping math centers bundled together for working with numbers 0-20!
$15.00 sold separately--$7.20 during this sale.  That's more than 50% off!
My Stamping Center bundle ($15.00 sold separately) will be marked
down to $7.20! That's more than 1/2 off .

My Pokey Pin Center bundle ($15.00 sold separately) will be marked
down to $7.20! That's more than 1/2 off .

The Popcorn Word Bundle ($21 sold separately) will be marked down to $10.80!
This is huge savings for you!

I am trying out some new products that are in my cart this year.  I can't wait!

Differentiated Kindergarten has done it again.  My school plans are never complete without EVERY single item from her store (yes, I really do have all of her stuff).  Now, she has done me a favor by bundling her fall I Spies so I can get the whole set at a discounted rate:

Here are some more must haves I have in my cart for this holiday season:

and last, but not least...I just found this for my color unit next September.  Might as well buy it while it's on sale!

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