Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ideas and Fun in Mrs. Miner's Room {and a Monster-ous Freebie!}

Wow, the beginning of the year has been a huge whirlwind for me (and, from the sounds of things, everyone else as well!).  I haven't forgotten to post, I am just SO busy that I haven't had time.  By the time I can (hmmm...let's see...8:30, when the boys are finally asleep), I am so exhausted that I need to get my school work done and fuel up for the next day. 
We have been having so much fun in our classroom, I just couldn't let another day go by without letting you in to take a peek:
Sometimes do you just want to skip snack time because it is eating up the time you need to do everything else?  My students solved that for me this week, when they started sorting and patterning their snacks.  It takes 2 seconds to get them to name the pattern, find the pattern unit or replicate a neighbor's pattern.  What a great time to reinforce math skills and to use snack time for their learning!  I can't take credit for this...they did it all on their own.  Gotta love kinders!

Speaking of playing with food:  We really started to look at what letters are made up of (lines and curves-easy schmeasy!). This really hit home with many of my friends who need help with making their names.  Now, they are ready to sort letters that have lines, curves and both (that will be in the stamping center next week).


Math centers are rolling right along.  I loved watching how independent my students were walking around and surveying/graphing How Many People Live in Your House?  They will be more than ready for their next survey now that we have done it whole group and independently now!  Of course, we are Pokey Pinning 2 times a week (once during Literacy Centers and once during Math Centers) and the kiddos are really getting good at it which correlates with how their fine motor is improving on a daily basis. 
Have I told you how much I adore Marsha's blog A Differentiated Kindergarten?  She does all of my differentiating for me in the centers I use from her products (which, by the way, are a lot!). I often wonder what my centers would have looked like without her products.  But, since I don't have to, I will just continue to share her awesomeness with you!  Her I Spy Centers are so fun and very versatile as well.  Come on people, we all need know we need to worker smarter, not harder!

Mrs. S (my bff kinder neighbor!) do this project every year with our classes combined on a Friday morning.  I just love how all of the monsters look the same, but different and all of them replicate the monster from Go Away Big, Green Monster   by Ed Emberly in some way.
Click here to get the freebies that go along with this fun, festive project! 

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 I know that this post has a lot of information that you won't be able to use right away, but that's why I represented a lot of it in pictures. 
Last, but not least, if you are having any fine motor issues in your class, you won't want to miss this upcoming Pokey Pin Freebie.  We learned the /oo/ chunk (compliments of HeidiSongs, thank you! ;) this week and what better way is there to show it in use during one of their favorite holidays?  This will be an exclusive freebie for Freebie-licious followers, so make sure you are one of those!  Think how cool these ghosts will look on black paper in the windows.  Great way to decorate for the occasion while benefitting your students academically AND motorically!

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  1. I love the pretzel name idea! The ghost pokey pin will be too much fun!!

    Jen's Kinder Kids
    Please come by & visit! :)

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  3. Such great fun! I love it when kinders learn patterns- they start spontaneously noticing them everywhere!
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. I think I know what we will be having for snack tomorrow.

    Terri Izatt

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