Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Week Back in Kindergarten

Week one is done and I have to say that it was completed quite successfully!  The difference this year is that I am taking the time they need to take in their new environment, their new rules and expectations.  Having my own in kindergarten (again) gives me a new perspective on just how young, naive and unknowing these "babies" are.  EVERYTHING is new and overwhelming.  We are having many extra movement breaks, extra recess and more "playing" or exploring than we will as time goes on, but I really feel it is also giving them confidence, making them love school and building their stamina for all of the hard work and expectations coming down the pike for them.  I love to get to know them as they are finding their place in their new, little world by walking around and listening to them, talking to them and just watching them.  You can get so much more information from students that way than sitting down and assessing them right away (don't worry, that will be next week!). Here is a peek into our world this week and what inspires and encourages me to take these 21 little learners to the moon this year!
Look at them!  They are already reading and looking like readers.  We have started reading (quietly--- will come!) every day after lunch.  I love what I am seeing so far!
 Look at this perfect little picture of these 3 girls writing up a storm in the writing center.  I love my new organizational keeps the center neat (and in the first week, THAT is amazing!).  Not sure why I hadn't thought of it before.

I introduced centers already, too!  They are already saying, "When is center time?" which makes a kinder teacher very happy!  You have to start VERY VERY small for sure.  I am just trying to get them to explore with things they will be using this year, but to also understand that they can only choose activities under their table color.  Seems simple, but very confusing, new learning for most.  We'll be adding one more choice for each group this week and see how it goes!  You can click on the picture for more information about my literacy center cards.
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  1. Looks great! I know what you mean about having a different perspective. Mine also started k. So far, the cafeteria is the most overwhelming place.

  2. Looks like a fun week!!! How long is your center time each day? Can they pick any activity under their table card or is there stuff they must do first?

  3. Mrs. Parker...The bus is "scary" to Dawson. Wish I could take him by car every day! Beth, Center time is as long as they can do it in an effective manner right now...about 10 minutes and that's it! I close up shop before it gets out of control...hope to increase it by a few minutes this week. No "have to's" yet, but, stay tuned, I will let you know when they are ready for that! :)

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