Friday, August 10, 2012

I NEED this Stuff in my Classroom- See if You Do, Too!

All of my items in my TpT Store are on sale for 28% off.  Gather your math and literacy centers for the year...I create them for you to save you time in preparation and give you more time for teaching and your students more time for learning.

Okay, so my 7 year old would definitely be giving me a lesson on Wants vs. Needs if he saw the title of this post.  I don't really NEED this stuff, but I really, really want it and I WILL be getting it next week during the Teachers Pay Teachers sale.  28% off original prices?  YES please!  Some of my favorite TpT sellers already have their prices low, low, low and, with the sale, they are fixing to go

A Differentiated Kindergarten
Let's start with Marsha from A Differentiated Kindergarten's Store Must Haves:

I am big on creating independent learners in my classroom, so, when I implement centers, I like to do ones that are versatile enough to last the whole year.  Marsha has created these Read, Bead and Write Centers that focus on many different concepts.  She has a free exploratory kit here (where you will also find a great explanation of this easy to prepare center!) and then there are other skills like letter identification, cvc, sight words, etc...Once you let students explore this center with her freebie, and then set out increasingly more difficult concepts, they will be learning on their own and feeling very confident doing so.  I love that she bundled some of these sets together for a discounted price.  You can get
I am so excited that Marsha created this kit this summer.  Of course, I love monkeys, so I HAVE to have it, BUT it is also an excellent way to encourage students to learn their letters and learn them quickly.  The kits continue for Dolch word lists with her Ball Units and she has BUNDLED them together at, yet another discounted price.  Click here for a better explanation of this super duper concept.  The bundled pack, sold separately, costs $15, but, during the TpT sale, it will be less than 50% of that --$7.20...Now that's a steal.
Now, for Kindergarten Smiles goodies that I can't wait to use in my classroom this year:
Kindergarten Smiles

I have seen this dismissal organization system around and I am loving Caitlin's designs because they are matching my pastel, polka dotted, super-cute room theme this year (as is everything else in her store that I NEED to have).  Somewhere on Pinterest, I saw a poster that suggested that my year would be smooth sailing if it looked really cute, so I am going with that notion in preparing my room this year! :) .....and they are only $2.52 during the sale!

Check out those bright, beautiful letters that say word wall above!  Caitlin made a kit that has every letter so you can create your own display headings.  Just print the letters you need and hang them up for a fun-tastic display.  I love them....and they are only $3.24 during the TpT sale!

Love these shape posters and think they will look marvelous in my room this year! This hot seat product looks VERY interesting! I can't say I've seen anything like it!

Now how about the rest of my brightly colored polka dot wishes from Tammy Lee at Live, Love, Laugh:
Live Love Laugh
I am loving all of Tammy's posters for the classroom.  Bright colors, polka dots, and kid friendly? Yes, one of each please! 
I love how these number posters have the 10 frames...Common Core Standards--we are READY for you!
And my absolute favorite that I have been searching for ALL summer:
This binder has everything you need to organize yourself before the year even begins and for $3.24, it's practically a steal! 
This will be a great (new) way for me to introduce my kiddos to all of the letters of the alphabet!
The Kindergarten Center
Amy from the Kindergarten Center has a couple of packets I want to snag up for the beginning of the year.
Look at how much is packed into this packet? AND, the best part??? It's only a little over $5.

Also, I love getting these kits that are based around kinders favorite books for when I have to have a substitute.  This one looks fantastic!

Kreative in Kinder
Crystal at Kreative in Kinder is also having a grand sale and I am so happy because I have a few items that I NEED from her store!  She has unique items that are great for particular holidays and events held in a kindergarten classroom.  Zero the Hero is a regular visitor in my classroom and she has a kit that provides activities for each momentous visit!  Woo hoo!
I always do a Community Helpers unit with my kinders, but am TOTALLY ready for some fresh, fun ideas and here they are in the flesh:

And, I know it isn't Christmas yet, but we all know that it is inevitable that behaviors get a little tricky at best around this time, so let's PLAN ahead (during the sale!).  Crystal's Elf on a Shelf was flying off the shelf last December and got rave reviews...I am ready to find out why:

Last but not least, my friend Mary over at Sharing Kindergarten has a few items that I am definitely putting in my cart during this sale:

My library has been ready for a revamp for awhile, so Mary's new basket labels are PeRfEcT!
Plus, I love David Shannon, so I might as well get this packet, too!
If you've made it all the way to the bottom of this LONG LIST OF NEEDS for my classroom, congratulations and let me know in the comments which of these products are on your wish list!
Hope you have as much fun shopping this sale and getting ready for the new school year as I do!


  1. Krissy this post is awesome! and you just showed me a couple things I hadn't seen yet on TPT!!! Adding things to my cart as I type :)

    Kindergarten Smiles

  2. No way! You are so amazing! Love it.

  3. love all your ideas =) im your newest love it if your dropped by

    Just Wild About Teaching

  4. Hey Krissy~

    I just did a post on my blog that included some of your stuff in action! Hop over & check it out! :)

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  5. Hi Krissy! This is Rachel from Teaching with Z:) I am hopping around to some of my favorite kindergarten blogs to ask a question. I am teaching with three other teachers and we will all be new to K this year (excluding the one year I taught K a decade ago!) I am working on my parent brochure/newsletter and got to the part about homework and froze. I have no idea. So...what do you do for homework in K? I would really appreciate anything you or anyone following here might have to share:) Feel free to email Thanks so much!

    Teaching with Z

  6. What a great site. Do they do these kind of sales often?

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