Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bloggers Unite to Prevent Kidnappings

It's so hard to hear about some of the things going on in the world these days, especially when these events include young children like the two young  Iowa girls who have recently gone missing.  I always feel like such a small fish in a big ocean wanting to do something to help, but wondering how I can make a change or provide help to such an overwhelming situation.

I decided to at least get the word out to possibly prevent something like this happening in your neighborhood by starting with teachers and parents like us and teaming up with nationally acclaimed, award winner author Julia Cook.  Julia has helped my class with things like tattling and blurting, but she has recently tackled a much more serious and scarier topic of predators in her new book Smarter Than Scoopers: Keeping Your Child Safe From PredatorsIf we, as educators and parents can spread this word to our children in the most non-threatening manner possible, maybe we could prevent further loss of children in this manner.
This book, written by Julia Cook, is an excellent tool to help parents, teachers, counselors and care givers equip children with safety skills to prevent child abduction in her typical,  friendly, non-threatening manner. Smarter Than the SCOOPERS takes a refreshingly empathetic approach to the topic of personal safety from a child’s point of view.  It is written to empower children with skills and confidence to make the right decisions in their daily, social interactions.  Her approach taken in this book is geared specifically to children and Endorsed by Child Watch of North America and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,
SCOOP is an acronym to help children remember five personal safety strategies to keep them safe in everyday situations: 
  • be SMART,
  • use your CALL list
  • ZER”O” talking to people you don’t know very well
  • keep people OUT of your personal space
  • and always PAIR up.
Following suit of her strong conviction to help prevent kidnappings, Julia has offered to give Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business fans a FREE AUTOGRAPHED Scoopers poster upon purchase of her new book.  Hanging the poster in your classroom or home will provide children a regular reminder of the steps to take for prevention of child abduction after reading and discussing Smarter Than the Scoopers.  There is a limit on how many customers will receive the poster with purchase, so act fast.  This offer of the free poster expires on August 6th, 3012.

As one teacher/blogger, I am not able to make a huge difference, but if we all unite and spread the word, it's hard to count how many children we can spread Julia's word to.  Please unite with me to get this message to as many children as possible by sharing this post via your own parenting/teaching blog or FB fan pages. 
Let's put a stop to child abduction by arming the ones who are effected with information that they understand and can relate to. 


  1. Yes stranger abductions make the news. But what this book and others like it over look is the people most likely to rape or kill a child are the Parents, followed by family members,other responsible adults they are told to obey. Statistically safest person for a child to be with is the random stranger on the street.

    3 or 4 times in the last year, I've encountered a lost child that refused to let concerned adults help them. They were so schooled in stranger danger that instead giving the adults their name so an announcement could be made - they started screaming about strangers, while running and hiding. There have been two incidents in the last couple of years were kids could have died, because they were lost in the wilderness and hid from the strangers trying to rescue them.

    Instead of focusing on strangers, we need to teach children

    1. To listen to their own common sense. Kids have a good sense of who is a creep. I wonder how many kids thought Jerry Sandusky was a creep on first meeting, only to be told he was a GREAT MAN and to respect him.

    There were 3 adults on my street that NONE of the kids liked. We stayed far away, our parents got on our case for being rude. Each of them ended up in Federal Jail - for dealing, embezzlement, and fraud/ponzy con.

    2. It is ok to tell any adult NO if something feels wrong.

    3. Their bodies are there own - and that includes not making them hug and kiss people just because she is FAAAAMMMMMILLLYYY.

    4. STOP teaching girls they have to be NICE, and a doormat to please people. Teach them to stand up for themselves.

  2. Thank you for this post Mrs. Miner. I am a kinder teacher & try to work on this topic with my kiddos. I am also a mother to a 3 & 4 (almost 5) year old. We have this conversation daily. My girls will say hi & go right up to strangers on our street, in stores, etc. I can't get through to them that we don't talk to people we don't know even if they have a dog, look nice, say hi back etc. We will be getting this book to help my girls & my kinders to understand the importance of stranger danger.

  3. Thanks for sharing that book. I will have to check it out on Amazon. Great post...thanks~

  4. I like this. I almost wish they would do a little lesson about safety in every classroom every so often. Cannot do any harm!

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