Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teachers are Appreciated- My FREE Paid Product for the day is Revealed

If you are a blogger, a blog stalker, or involved with the teaching blog community in any way, you are probably well aware about the annual, upcoming annual sale at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Many teachers are offering 20% off and with the 10% off that get with the Promo Code: TAD12, you get a huge 28% off.  This sale only comes around once a year, so it is a great time to clean out your wish list an shopping carts.   My store will be on sale for all of sale from May 6th through May 8th at 20% off.  PLUS, don't forget to use the promo code for an extra 10% off.  Here is the link to my store so you can start putting those items you've been wanting on your wish list at a discounted price!
Be sure to get all the way to the bottom of this post for an awesome Teacher Jackpot which includes FREE, paid products from over 130 talented bloggers!
First off, here is my typically paid product which is available FREE for tody only.
This is my token of appreciation for all of the hard work I know that you do.  If you don't know about Pokey Pinning, visit this post that gives you an idea about it and tells about an invention one of my talented students came up with to make it easier when his hand muscles tired.  Ingenious (I almost feel like I should pay him royalties, but, for now, he has access to all the pokey pin projects he needs!). 

My Newest Product
just in time for the holiday! Only 3.50, but, with the sale, it
is only $2.50!  Have your students create a gift their moms will cherish forever!

I've also bundled my Pete the Cat kits together so you can get them WAY cheaper,
especially with the sale.  Normally $14 if purchased separately.  Bundled together,
they are $10.95.  Now take away the 28% super sale price and it will only be
only $7.88 (less than the drawing kit's original selling price!)! Now that's a steal!
$7.88 for both of my Pete the Cat kits????  I had to double check that math!
But, it IS right!
One more new product bundled together for great savings!  Have your guided
reading all set and planned for the  next few weeks for a low, low price.  Sold
separately, you would pay $17.85.  Bundled together, you would pay $14.95 on
a typical day, with the sale, you get 15 leveled guided reading books for $10.74??? What???
You cannot beat this deal! $10.74 for 3 multileveled reading sets (5 different levels in each set) that kids LOVE.
Easy to prepare, easy to differentiate, easy to make kids love reading...yes, please!

My Stamping Center bundle ($15.00 sold separately) will be marked
down to $7.20!  That's more than 1/2 off .
My Pokey Pin Center bundle ($15.00 sold separately) will be marked
down to $7.20! That's more than 1/2 off .
The Popcorn Word Bundle ($21 sold separately) will be marked down to $10.80!
This is huge savings for you!

Be sure to put all these items in your cart and be prepared for your yearlong popcorn word planning, Literacy Centers, guided reading and FUN at a rarely VERY discounted rate.

Not in the market for buying?? That is okay and completely understandable...there are still some awesome plans for YOU during this week:
Have you heard of the Teacher's Jackpot?  Check this post out for more detailed info.
View jackpotK-2.png in slide show
Basically, it is 130 of the top bloggers out there giving out a typically PRICED product free to all of their fans for a short amount of time.  Get PREPARED and stretch out your fingers to move fast.  Follow the post above because, as details are released, it will be revealed here.  To make sure you don't miss any details, I would recommend subscribing to my emails (upper left sidebar) and you'll receive an email each time I post anew the next few days.  I only post once a day (maybe 2X on a rare, rare occasion) so don't worry about your email getting clogged.


  1. Thank you for the freebie! Can't wait to get my kinders started on it!

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