Monday, May 28, 2012

Directions for Your Last Week of Writing Plans- Done!

Are all of your end of the year checklists written?  End of year testing, files, meetings, celebrations, field trips...and the list continues on.  There is so much to do, but what do you do when you get to that moment when all the assessments are done?  You know you need to keep some sort of routine, BUT all you want to do is have fun and enjoy your last few days with your students???  I have one answer for you and it is a gift that each of your students will cherish for life.
I've done this writing project for a couple of years now and my kindergarten students just adore it and I'm sure older students would as well.
It is "Letters to Me from My Kindergarten Friends".  I have each student write a letter to each other student in the class.  You can set your own parameters, but I always say they need to tell each friend 3 things they like about them or will always remember about them and they come up with the sweetest things and they are oh-so-honest and kind which is what I love. 
One year I had a little girl write to another little girl (who just might have had a little trouble getting along with others): 
"Even though you were mean, I know you really didn't want to be, and I will just remember the times when you were nice." 
Ha sweet...turning a negative into a positive!
All you need to do to make these books for your students is:
  • Create a cover
  • Create a writing page for each student that includes their picture
  • Create a checklist that has each students name (you WILL want this because this projects takes days and students WILL NOT remember who they have already written to and will waste so much time looking for their writing in the book OR write to them again). 

It's really easy to whip up, BUT, if you'd rather have it all made for you, you can go get it from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store all ready to print and go (just the way I like it!).  Writing plans for the end of the school year? Check!

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  1. Ohhhh, I love this Krissy. I think I may just need to do this in the last 2 weeks that I have left.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  2. Oh, Marsha, you won't be disappointed. I just about cry when I read some of the things they say to each other! They just love doing it and it is such a great, academic-oriented time filler for the end of year! Krissy

  3. I would love to help out Krissy! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  4. I would love to enter! Thank you for doing this for us! I am not sure if this is where I am suppose to enter. My name is Suzette Vieira and I am a Kindergarten Teacher in Placerville, CA. My email is

  5. My name is Tara Brown and I teach Kindergarten. My email is

  6. I am a Kindergarten teacher in Columbus, Ohio.
    Maryann Smith, MMMBMS

  7. I teach kindergarten students in Louisiana. My email is
    I love the Brain Sprinkles. Happy First Anniversary!!

  8. I teach Kindergarten in the Memphis, TN area. My e-mail is
    I've purchased several of your TPT/TN sets and I'm a follower!
    Happy First Anniversary!
    Dana Barchak

  9. WOW!! What a wonderful group of resources! I teach kindergarten in Lee's Summit, Missouri. My email is Happy First Anniversary!!

  10. Fran Gardiner Kindergarten teacher

  11. OOPS!
    Forgot to say that I teach kindergarten in Pittsburgh, PA
    Love your blog! Happy Anniversary!
    Fran Gardiner

  12. Kindergarten Teacher in ME!
    Love your stuff!

    Julie Jordan

  13. Lisa Jacobs
    WI kindergarten teacher
    All of this stuff looks wonderful. Thank you so much for putting it together. Congrats on your first year!!

  14. Hether Darnell
    Brand new kindergarten teacher and blog stalker :)(previously taught first) in Kokomo, Indiana
    Awesome site!

  15. Debbie Lindeman
    Kindergarten teacher in Georgia!!
    This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for putting this together! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!!

  16. Love your site.
    From Kitsap, We are a foster family, I have my Child Development Associate. Right now we have a 5 yo with brain damage that we are concetrating on.

  17. Lisette Bayle
    Kindergarten teacher in New Orleans, LA
    This will be my fourth year teaching kindergarten. I have just discovered the wonderful world of all these blogs and am overwhelmed with fabulous ideas. Thanks to all the creative teachers who share their experiences!

  18. I am a Kindergarten teacher at Woodbine Elementary School. I would love to have the wonderful resources listed as prizes. We are in the process of "adopting" the Common Core and I know these items would be very beneficial for the acquisition, enhancement, and enrichment of these standards.

  19. I am a kindergarten teacher. I was a long term sub for kindergarten last year and just got hired in yesterday!!!
    Lisa Nelson

  20. I am a Kindy Teacher Carrie Kenny,

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