Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Handmade Volunteer Appreciation Gift

Welcome April!  Thanks for monkeyin' around with an awesome idea for teachers to create for their parent volunteers!
"Monkey See...Monkey Do".  I love saying this to my children and well....I guess this applies to me too.  Maybe this should be the title of my blog because I get a ton of ideas from pinterest (my boards) and then I make it work for me.  So, how appropriate that I am here where there is a ton of monkey business goin' on! Love it!  ooh-ooh-ah-ah! (that is my dorky impression of a monkey-forgive me) Seriously, here is a little craft idea to give to your parent volunteers.  I love coming up with DIY Handmade Gifts (but it has to be easy) and in fact, after 11 years of teaching, this is my FAVORITE kind of gift to receive (along with a little giftcard-who am I kidding?!?)
Mod Podge Sponge Brush Craft Paint White Glue Scrapbook Paper (or construction paper) Scrapbook letters Scrapbook tape Canvas (I used 8x10 and got mine at Hobby Lobby.  They sell 2 for about $3.99) FREE Template found HERE Procedure: 1. Trace and cut out stems, leaves, and petals for flowers from scrapbook paper. Cut out as many as you need (one petal per student)-see free template 2. Have each student write their name on one petal. 3. Glue stems, leaves, and petals on scrapbook paper. Making designs of a flower. 4. Add any writing you would like on the stems 5. Add scrapbook tape as the frame 6. Add scrapbook letters 7. Modpodge design onto the canvas 8. Modpodge over the entire picture 9. Paint the edges of the canvas 10. Let Dry. Couple of things to remember: *I would choose solid colors as the petals so it is easier to see the names. *Play with the colors of the scrapbook paper.  Mix it up! *You can make your design bigger.  Just use anothe size canvas. *Modpodging over the entire picture gives it a finished look. Almost like it was laminated before being pasted onto canvas.
So that is it!  I hope you can use it or it springboards you with an idea (monkey see, monkey do).  If you would like to see another gift idea for parent volunteers, head over to Sunny Days in Second Grade where I did a guest post on using Starbucks Gift Cards (and free gift tags). Thank you, thank you to Krissy for letting me monkey around!! Had fun girl!
April is the creator of A Modern Teacher Blog. After 11 years of teaching, she stays busy with her new baby and 3 year old. She blogs about DIYs, Craftivities, and Organizational Tips for the Elementary Teacher. April is passionate about 'teaching made simple and fun'.


  1. Absolutely adorable thank yous!!

    *TAG* you're it! Come check out my latest post on Mrs. Stanford's Class to see how to participate :)



  2. Hey! Thanks again for letting me hang around!!!

    ~April from A Modern Teacher

  3. How do you play parking lot? Do you have mats for sale?
    Love your blog and all your creations. Thank you for being generous.

  4. I just found Mod Podge and have been trying to find easy things to do with it. Thanks for sharing!

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