Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Have 2 New Centers Ready to Go for Tomorrow!

Two new centers for tomorrow!  Woo hoo! I don't know who will be more excited about it --me or the kiddos!  I love to introduce new centers to them, particularly when they are as fun and exciting as the ones I am going to show them. 
First off, I have been wanting to steal borrow my own childrens' TAG Readers, but each time I think they are not going to use it anymore, they take it out.  They are really fantastic if you haven't seen one before.  They actually read books, flash cards, maps and even puzzles.  So, you could change it weekly to keep it fresh and new for your students.  I got sent 50 FREE TAG books last year, so all I needed was a TAG reader to get started.  I had a $7 off Target coupon and a $5 off manufacturer's coupon AND it was on sale at Target, so I got a great deal.  You can get them at Amazon as well:
My other cool center is simply a digital frame that has a slide show of all of the popcorn words we have learned or will be learning throughout the year.  The children can choose to read it, spell it, read it or write them as quickly as they can as they watch the slideshow go by (as a disclaimer, this idea is an adaptation from the wonderful Teacher Tipster!). 
Students can flick through if they need it to go faster.
...or slower for writing.

How fun is that??
If you watched the Everything's Kindergarten Teaching Blog Expo, you know how I do centers.  If you didn't and you need a change during literacy center time, you may want to.  It is the ONLY way I have tried that actually works and is successful.  Here are some of my products that will really help reenergize your center time:
Click on the picture above to grab your FREE Stamping Sampler Kit

I've been bundling up my products for you which means more product for less money.  First is my Literacy Pokey Pin Sets 1, 2, and 3 for $10.00 instead of $5 each:
Next, I just released my newest product Stamping Centers Ready to Go Set 3: CVC:

Or, purchase all 3 sets at a discounted rate of $10 (rather than $15):

I've also bundled my Popcorn Word items together at  a lower rate:

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