Monday, March 26, 2012

Humpty Dumpty FREEBIE

If you've been reading my blog lately, you will already know that I love to teach using Nursery Rhymes. Of course, Humpty is one of my favorites that goes great with a spring time, oviparous, or farm unit.
I am sooooo soooo beyond excited that KinderReaders at A to Z Teaching Stuff has been collaborating with me to bring back the Nursery Rhymes to Go Series.  It is a very unique series of levelled books that are based in which the nursery rhyme provides the background knowledge for students, yet take an unexpected twist at the end of each book. 
The books are sold in digital form and include 5 different levels providing the SAME pictures and the SAME story line for each child with  varying text to give the perfect reading experience for each child in your class.  I was so excited with the new illustrations in the newest book called Cracked Up, I printed it off and used it with my entire class BEFORE it was actually published (gasp! I know)  and it was a hit with them.  They absolutely loved the thought of Humpty having something inside the egg and couldn't wait to be in a group to read with me just to find out what it was!  I did a whole group "book walk" for the introduction but, of course, stopped before the last page.  Of course, they also think it is fabulous that their teacher is a real, live author! One of them even said, "Did you really write this Mrs. Miner?"  But, I have to say my favorite quote was from one of my sweet little girls who said, "Wow, I really loved that book!"  when she got done reading it.  Mission accomplished!
It was even more satisfying when they were all reading the same book at the same time (during Read to Self time) and had no idea that they were all actually different levels! Now, they might discover it during buddy reading, but, until then....  :)
We all know Humpty, but have you ever wondered what's actually inside that egg? Read the adventures of Humpty at the park and you will never look at this nursery rhyme the same again once you find out what's in the egg.
Cracked Up can be used with the following themes: Humpty Dumpty, eggs, bird life cycle, oviparous animals
KinderReaders offers downloadable reproducible guided reading books that are leveled so that each book is offered on four different levels, plus a wordless version.The Nursery Rhymes to Go series is designed to go along with theme units and lessons involving traditional nursery rhymes.  $5.95 for an endless supply of levelled texts for your career! 
To celebrate all the excitement of the return of the Nursery Rhymes To Go series, I wanted to share my Humpty Dumpty Math Word Problems to show you how you can easily integrate nursery rhymes throughout all subjects!  Just click on the picture below to grab my free google doc.  They are really fun to do whole group projected up on a screen:
Before we started the unit, I gave the students a copy of the rhyme and some "butter".
They used the highlighter to highlight all the chunks and popcorn words they knew
to try to solve what we'd be doing.  Many of them were able to whisper it to me so I knew
if they figured it out or not!  Then they got to glue it on a blank Humpty picture.
The reading lesson? You can "unlock" words even without pictures sometimes!
Putting together the poem on sentence strips
Art that goes with our poems that substitute our silly names with Humpty's name.
For example:  Christian  Distrian sat on a wall...etc.  It is so fun!
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