Friday, March 23, 2012

Common Core Reading in Kindergarten

Please welcome Caitlin Clabby with her first guest post on Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business!
With all the new common core standards this year, I have made some changes in the way I do my whole group reading lesson and I am loving it! Every morning we start off our day with a 'Morning Message'.  At the beginning of the year I start off with a question and as the year progresses, the message becomes interactive and more difficult.  We are in the middle of our weather unit and today we started learning about clouds. This was our morning message:
First,  I read the message to the students ignoring all of the blanks. Then, we go back to the beginning and students raise their hands if they know what is missing. I call on students to come up and fill in the missing spots...
This is a great way for students to work on blends, letter sounds, sentence structure, capitalization, etc.  The question at the end of the morning message is an easy transition into our KWL. We fill out the 'Know' side with 'What we think we know' (this way if any of the information is wrong we can label it as a misconception later). Then, we fill out the 'Wonder' column with questions that the students want to learn...
Next, our class comes up with a goal for the lesson. For instance, today one of the students said our goal should be to fill up the entire 'Learn' column and more! Another student said to 'listen with your best listening ears.'  This helps my students stay focused and continue with a purpose. 
Before I start reading the Clouds book, we complete our 'Word Splash.'  
The words on the left are words from last week and we go over them quickly. Then I call students up to 'splash' on our new words.  Each time a student splashes a new word on, we discuss what the word means.  All of the words we use come straight from the books we read. My children love this and it has really expanded their vocabulary!
Then, it is time to read our book! Today, we read the Clouds book in the picture above.  When I am half way through the book I stop reading and have the kids turn to their assigned carpet buddy to discuss. They have to ask their buddy the following questions:
Before I continue reading we add to our 'L' on our KWL. I have found that stopping half way is wonderful! Not only does it get the children talking about the book, but it breaks the information up into smaller chunks and allows them to remember more.
Then, we finish reading the book and complete our KWL.
The KWL will stay up on the board until we move onto a new topic (this one will stay for one more day of clouds before we move on to rain). My students refer to the KWL when they are writing or completing some of the morning centers.  
I hope I have given you some new ideas for your whole group reading lesson!
A BIG thank you to Krissy for letting me share with you today!! :)

Caitlin is the author over at Kindergarten Smiles! She is currently in her 5th year of teaching. Check out her blog HERE for some great ideas and freebies!
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