Saturday, February 18, 2012

Number Writing Fluency Freebie

We just started focusing on the teen numbers...sure they can count them, they're starting to recognize them, but now I need them to be able to recall and write them quickly and automatically....not such an easy task for many of my kinders, especially my little friends who came to me not even knowing what a 1 was.  If you follow my blog, you've seen me write many times that when I come to a challenge like this, it becomes my newest brainstorming attempt at what I can do to reach THIS group of children and conquer the challenge at hand.  I came up with this idea (I know it isn't necessarily a new idea to many of you, but it is new idea for this particular group of children and for me).  Let's just say, my attempts at brainstorming are NOT alway successful, but this time I have hit the nail on the head for this group of children.  They are LOVING the timed sessions and they have ALL improved with number formation, reversals, ordering and automaticity.  Most are improving on a daily basis which you will be able to clearly see below.  The pictures are over the course of a week. 
This student clearly had a rough start, but has made
continuous improvements over the week.

This student has shown an improvement in fluency since the beginning.

This is the cover.

A simple 100s chart.

The one problem I had with keeping this activity at a minimum
was passing out the 100s charts only to those who wanted them.
If you print this double-sided upside down, students will have immediate
access to a 100s chart OR they can flip it over and not look at it to fill
in their chart during the timed session.
The directions are included in the free download.  So click on any of the pages from the Number Writing Fluency Book to go download it.  Please come back and let me know if you are seeing improvements in your students number writing fluency.  Just like with writing letters and words, if they don't have to think too much about what the number looks like and how to form the number, they can focus more on the task at hand and it becomes a win-win situation for all, right??
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