Monday, February 20, 2012

My Favorite Kindergarten Writing Piece thus far This Year

"I got a choo choo train. Woo woo, woo woo (repeat approximately 10 times!) :)
Okay, so we need to work on our spacing..BUT there is so much in this writing that can't focus on what it is missing.  This sweet, sweet, sweet, little boy has a difficult time focussing and writing anything.  When I do get him to write, I usually get safe writing and it is usually "Iplayedchrans."  He loves him some trains.  On this day, he was ON and wrote a whole page about it, telling me more just as I asked.  Look how many of his "chunks" he used and can't you just hear his voice??!  Woo--ooo-woooooooooo!  I love kindergarten writing--don't you??
I would be remiss without giving a shout out to HeidiSongs Sound Fun Phonics DVD.  My students learn and APPLY these chunks in their reading AND writing.  You tell me how this child would have ever written this piece without the ch (ha ha!) or the oo chunk??  He couldn't!  Hence the reason we need to give these children the tools they need to succeed!
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