Monday, January 16, 2012

Win a YEAR Subscription to ESGI

Assessing is most teachers' least favorite time of the year.  It takes away our teaching time and it also takes our planning time to organize and enter the data.  Who wouldn't love to get some of that time back to work with your students?

Well, you can with ESGI Software!  The software is designed by a former kindergarten teacher for just these reasons.  {If you're like me, you will trust any product designed and endorsed by a real-live teacher!}.

I had the opportunity to try this software out for the first half of the year in my kindergarten classroom.  It was phenomenal and oh-so-easy to implement and share the results. My favorite part is definitely the data analysis and the graphs that it produces immediately after you've completed your assessing.  Parents loved the personalized letters that told them specifically which letters, words or skills their child needed additional help with and the flashcards that automatically print out with the letter.  This software works with ANY literacy and math program that you use at your school.  You can even create your own tests to match specific assessments that you have to do for reporting.
Watch this video if you need more affirmation that this ESGI will change how you assess in your classroom, as well as how you track your students' scores and progress:

If you think you'd like to use this software in your classroom for ONE YEAR at the cost of nothing, please enter your email address in the comment section below and let me know that you've signed up for their 60 day free trial at the ESGI Software website.
To enter this contest, please sign up for ESGI's FREE 60 Day Trial (once you try it, you'll see exactly what everyone is raving about), then come back here and say you've done so in the comment section below along with your email address and let us know what you find most appealing about this software!
The end date of this contest is to be announced, so sign up before entrants are no longer accepted and YOU might be the winner. 
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