Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ticket Winners Announced! Is it you?

First off, I want to thank Virtual Teaching Expo for donating 3 tickets to me to give away to my readers.  I know how tight finances are these days for just about everyone, so I can appreciate those of you who wouldn't or can't spend the money on yourself on this "luxury".  I wish I could give everyone one, but there were only 3 winners to be had.  Thanks to all who participated and I want you to know I read each and every entry and really appreciated all of the reasons everyone would want to attend this event.   Without further ado, could the following three people please email me at asap so I can forward your information on to the Virtual Teaching Expo Staff.  Congratulations to the winners below!  See you on the 28th!  For those who didn't win, don't forget to at least try to get your schools to purchase this inexpensive, yet valuable professional development for their invaluable kindergarten teachers.  You can find the printable (or send"able") brochure by clicking here.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!
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