Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In Celebration of Martin! A Great Video Link for the Primary Age

Hopefully, you are still celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday week (my dad started this in my family, although he is typically the only one that actually gets the full week of celebration) because Harry Kindergarten does some amazing stuff with his videos.   I 'd really know a little bit more about Harry myself!  But, for now, I will just share my latest find from him with you!  This is a PERFECT way to share with your kindergarten students (and older) who Martin is and what he stood for.  It is in simple terms, but, even better, the pictures also convey the message very clearly (oh, and its a pretty funky beat which the teachers students really love.  One of my students said, "My mother knows this guy, too, Mrs. Miner."  Ha ha!  So sweet!  When I asked for an explanation after we had watched and danced to this song a few times, one of my sweet little ones said,
"In the beginning it's about black and white people not being together, but in the end, it is about sharing and caring no matter what color you are." 
Couldn't have said it better myself!
Don't forget, if you can't view You Tube Videos at your school, you can read this post from me about converting files to "school friendly" formats.
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