Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Martin! Links to freebies

I love Fridays for more than just the obvious reasons.  Friday mornings, my best friend, teaching partner, neighbor, etc. and I get our groups together for a weekly culminating activity.  We choose something that has been a focus of the week or perhaps a topic that needs some additional learning. 
Today, our focus was Martin Luther King, Jr.  and it sure was a fun morning!  We started off the morning by allowing only the boys to sit in the front on the coveted ABC rug.  We also allowed the boys to take off their shoes to "cool off" their feet (VERY special treat: You must always wear shoes in school, right?) and, to top it off, we asked the boys if they were hungry and gave them each a small treat.  All the while, the girls were looking on with disbelief and feeling rather shorted.  We had to cut the activity a little shorter than we planned due to 2 girls who began to cry (don't worry, I believe they were truly upset, BUT they are also my two I have referred to the Academy Awards as well, if you get my drift.  This "unfair" activity led to a great discussion between the sexes and really brought out some great qualities in our students as well.  As I was handing out the treats to the boys, one of my incredible boys (who coincidentally is African-American) said, "Hey, what about the girls?" as he watched them looking so defeated sitting in the back on the plain gray rug.

Next up?  Our eggs-periment.  Each of us had an egg, one brown and one white.  We told the children we needed an egg for a project and then we each tried to persuade all of the students that our egg was better, basically just based on the color and outside of the egg.  In the end, of course, the eggs were exactly the same on the inside and you know how the discussion ends.  Interestingly enough, the students were, ultimately, loyal and decided which egg they liked based on who their teacher was.  Ha ha!  It seemed to get the point acrossed in a simple way though.
We also did a directed drawing of none other than the "king" as you can see below.  I think her interpretation of MLK Jr. is priceless with a crown and everything:

The one on the left could possibly be Jesse Jackson, don't ya think?

Love the little hands here!

They all, once again, did an exceptional job with their MLK Jr. drawings.  We ran out of time, but will be doing some writing from Erin Eberhart's FREE Mini Unit (with the most adorable clip art I might add) next week.  After all, in my family, we have birth-weeks, not birth-days, so why shouldn't Martin, too? 
Go to my Teachers Notebook Store to grab my pictorial step by step guide to direct your students in drawing Martin Luther King, Jr.  They turn out so absolutely adorable. 
Click on the cover below to grab it free:

Here is a perfect video to share with the itty bitties, too.  It, too, has great doodle clip art and tells a story with just the pictures (even though there is narration as well).

Also, make sure you have entered my giveaway for 3 tickets to the Everythings Kindergarten Expo that ends tomorrow January 15th at 5:00 PM.  You don't have to do anything except put your email address in the comment section of this post about the expo to have a chance at winning! 
Check back tomorrow to see if you're the winner!
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