Tuesday, December 27, 2011

There Are Reasons for the Rhymes and a FREEBIE

Okay, if you didn't know, I am an author at PreK and K Sharing Blog.  It is an incredible collaboration of a variety of types involved in Eary Childhood Education from the arts, to doctors, to teachers in the classroom.  Debbie Clement, the inventor of the blog, is a phenomenon who is trying to get the word out that there are people who want to look beyond the data and the test scores and reach these children in the best way we know how.  If you haven't been following this blog, now is your time.  There is a new post EVERY day and they come from all different perspectives. 
I asked my Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business Facebook fans what they wanted to know about and Nursery Rhymes in the classroom came up and I knew it was fate.
Who knew that writing about this topic would make me so nostalgic?  I used to use Nursery Rhymes as the basis of my entire Balanced Literacy program, that is before my school system implemented a boxed literacy program called Treasures.  It made me remember how much the students LOVED the rhymes and how much I LOVED planning and implementing activities across the curriculum.  And I would be remiss to not mention how much learning came along with all of this excitement.  You can go read my article here to find out more about Reasons for Nursery Rhymes .
My first teacher-preneur adventure was writing leveled books based  on popular nursery rhymes (are you out there, SR?).  Think about it, students know the rhymes inside and out, have learned the vocabulary and have an understanding of the "story" woven into the rhyme.  Next, they are given a book written at their level (there are 5 levels that fall between GR levels A-H) based on the rhyme and they naturally feel confident reading it because they already "know" the characters and the story line.  Coming up??  Young, fluent and confident readers.  It really is a no-brainer. 
Unfortunately, the books are in lingo right now waiting to be re-illustrated before they can be available for sale online again.  There are lots of factors involved with this project: I am not the sole owner and, of course, the price it costs to find a black line illustrator that is just perfect for the Nursery Rhymes to Go Series.  Do you think there is an interest out there for a digital series like this?  This article I wrote for PreK and K Sharing really got me thinking about this project and how I want to expediate the process.  Does anyone know anyone out there (an up and coming art student for instance) who might be interested in getting their name out there via Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business?
With all of this on my mind, I couldn't help but share a way to integrate Humpty into your daily math as a freebie.  This is only a sampling of all of the materials I have waiting on my hard drive.  So, go ahead, grab my Humpty Math Problem Solving Google Doc and leave a comment (I love comments- have I mentioned that??) telling me your thoughts on all of this! 
Also, at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, I have Nursery Rhyme Vocabulary Dictionary Kits.  Here is an example for you to look at.  There are 10 sets (30 pages) for 10 different popular Nursery Rhymes for $5.00.  These sets are great for enhancing vocabulary used in the nursery rhymes, writing and/or reading the room activities and fluency.  They are so fun and the children LOVE learning vocabulary based on their favorite childhood rhymes.  Here are a couple of sample pages from the kit:
Every rhyme has a main page which displays the poem, as
well as all of the mini pics of the included vocabulary cards

Each set has a vocab card for each vocabulary word. You
will notice that some of the words are not even in the poem,
but represent ideas that are conjured up in the poem.

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