Monday, December 19, 2011

My Newest Addition to my HeidiSongs Collection

If you have been a follower for awhile, you know that my classroom is infused with HeidiSongs products! I appreciate the collection of products she has created for kindergarten teachers everywhere to teach in a way that is developmentally appropriate AND fun.

Although I love all that she offers, I have to say my absolute favorite is her Sounds Fun Phonics line.  I purchased her original Sounds Fun Phonics flashcard collection two (or was it three?) years ago to replace a similar raggedy set of my own that I had piece mealed together to teach the same phonetic concepts over the years.  It was an amazing transformation for my students as writers and readers.  They were finding these chunks everywhere!  It advanced their reading and writing scores tremendously. 
We have watched a couple of the videos from YouTube of her students performing the songs for each of the chunks and the children love it.  Of course, our favorite is "o and o goes oo oo oo like a monkey, just like a monkey".  I finally broke down and bought the DVD because I really do feel like it is a necessary component to the program.  Now that my students have seen the monkey video, me just howling like a wolf (to demonstrate the ow chunk) just doesn't quite cut it anymore.
I am very fortunate to have my own personal field testers living with me.  So, as I ripped my new DVD out of the package, I simultaneously hollared to my little helpers to get ready to dance!  Here are the results.  This first one is my camera shy guy who has no idea I am filming.
This video is of my not-so-shy boy and I had to do a double take to see if Heidi had really amp-ed up her moves or something before I realized that this dance was an improv for sure.  Hopefully, you find it as entertaining as I did once I went back and watched it:
Sorry, I just realized that my final video of Cayden break dancing to HeidiSongs didn't upload.  I'll have to try to fix it later.  Sorry!  You'll have to be in suspense!
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