Sunday, December 18, 2011

How To Give Your Students a Small Gift For Little Money FREEBIE

These are just like valentines, only they are for Christmas.  They are
particularly neat because they have facts about the featured animal on the back!
How much? .29 for a pack of 30 cards and lollipops!  90% off at Rite Aid
a week after Christmas.
I am a little late with this post (just a year, sorry!), but I am telling you this now so that you can be prepared with cheesy cheap gifts for your students for next Christmas season.  My absolute favorite item to give my students is a book and a candy cane to use as a pointer.  BUT this year I failed to collect enough books from the book orders and I was unwilling to pay $25 for rush shipping.  Luckily, when I opened up my December tub, I found all kinds of junk goodies that I had purchased LAST YEAR during Christmas closeout sales.  I am talking 75% off!  You can do this, too! 
The cute bags don't count.  Although I had purchased some winter-y
goodie bags, my mom found these in Current and they were
way cuter!  Thanks ma!

Is it great stuff that they will save forever? Nope.
But, they will love it in the moment. 

  • Candy
  • Gum
  • an old fashioned top
  • a sharpened Christmas pencil
  • a sharpener (so now they can never say they didn't have a sharpened pencil for their homework)
  • an eraser
  • and a notepad.
  • It will do.  ESPECIALLY since I only paid....
  • ready for the final cost?
  • .388888 per gift. 
    I can afford that for my little beanies!  It would have been 4X that amount for the SAME gift had I not gotten the stuff last year. Keep that in mind for next year.
  • Another great gift is crayons.  Children LOVE crayons, so why not give them crayons and this mini coloring book that I created for my son to give to his school friends.

  • Fold it in quarters (no cutting involved!) and VOILA, it's a mini coloring book!

My sleigh is packed full of gifts for my awesome colleagues, too!
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