Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elves at Work Project and Freebies

Every year, my BFF neighbor Mrs S and I do the Elves at Work project and it is one of the activities that we look forward to every holiday season. 
First, we tell the children we have a big secret that we just can't hide from them anymore.  So (after we dramatically close the door, of course!) we tell them that we have a second job and it is something we really enjoy doing, but they have to guess what it is.  We have them brainstorm a list of possible second jobs that we could have.  The things they come up with are so, so funny and creates some inspiring visuals for us all. :)  After the list is complete, we share with them our REAL second job up on the big screen.  If you haven't seen Jib Jab videos, you have to check this out.  If you have, you know the deal.  The children are mesmerized as they watch their teachers sing and dance in their best elf garb:

Click here if you've never seen a Jib Jab video

After they watch the video of us dancing and singing (several times usually), we send them working to turn themselves into an elf.  Warning***this activity is a lot of cutting and a lot of coloring and a lot of mess***BUT, it is also a lot of fun!

You can do this with your children as well.  We found this elf pattern (it is actually a glyph that you can do with older children, we thought it would it'd be too much for our kinders) at

We also add a literary component, by asking the children to fill in this cloze speech bubble, that you can grab by clicking on the picture.  I also shared my sign that you can hang on your elf display.

If you are looking at some last minute ideas for what to do to keep these children focused during this exciting time, check out my Holiday Pokey Pin Kit.  We did one on Friday and it was seriously the only time you could have heard a pin drop all day long!  I really wonder if all the pokey pinning being done in my classroom is the reason that all of my children (including the ones who had never picked up scissors before joining me 3 short months ago) can cut so well.  These projects build super strength in the hand muscles.
$3 for enough pokey pin jobs to last until break@!

$6.00 for a GREAT family project
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