Monday, October 3, 2011

Printing on Post Its- Who Would Have Thought?

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You have probably seen the latest craze all over blog world...printing on post its!  I knew I would be doing this, so I bought a big, colorful stack of post its and they've been waiting for me to find the time to play. 
If you saw my post yesterday, I printed all of my body part names on them for a labelling lesson, but here are some other ideas I had as well.  Please comment with more ideas for us crazy Post It printing fools!
Names, of course!  We are just starting our unit on graphing this week, so these will be perfect (and resuseable, I hope!)
Pink is the color at the top, so I thought it very fitting to print on pink Post Its!
I usually just print these off and staple them to the Wall of Fame work as I take it down;  this will save me a step.  Hey, every second counts!
What are you ideas?  Put them in the comment section or do a post and link back to my post (kind of like a Linky Party, without the party, though).
If you go to my previous post, you will find a link to get the template to help you print these! It is way easier than you would think it would be.  My trick was to make the borders be there until I was done typing whatever I wanted on the notes, then I took the borders away.  Otherwise, it is hard to tell if you are out of the printing area or not....good luck!


  1. Just had to say thank you for your Pumpkin freebie on TPT! It looks awesome and I appreciate that you shared it!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats Kindergarten

  2. I would have never thought of that! Thank you for sharing, I'm super excited to mess up my printer tomorrow....cause that's usually how it goes with my printer but I'm going to try anyway!

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