Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Academics (is that an oxymoron??)

We've done a couple of monster activities (well, our reading series IS focusing on the letter M this unit) and read a couple of monster stories.  I already posted the following projects as freebies, but I wanted to share our projects with you:
Aren't they just adorable? One of my girls made Frank's spikes (not sure what else to call those "things" coming out of his head) rainbow colored.  Another friend made black flowers surrounding the picture.  And one friend colored his face all yellow!  The children LOVED the Frankenstein song and couldn't wait until we sang it together using their name instead of Frankensteins.  Photo projects are my favorite, as well as the childrens!  I had a hard time deciding whether to make a book or to display them in the hall, so I decided I would put it together as a book once Halloween season is O-V-E-R
because the children will still be loving it since it stars themselves.  Grab this project packet FREE from this blog post.
We also used the Draw a Rhyme poem to create these darling, little monsters.  I love how the students add their own flair to these types of projects.  Check these SCARY monsters out (although most of my children said they were creating "nice monsters":
I think it is so fun that they all come out so differently with the same directions.  This student added a baby monster with the momma saying "I see a monster." in the speech bubble.  You can find the link to this freebie here. 
Another fun activity we are doing next week is based on my Halloween Costume Party Math and Literacy Unit.  Have I mentioned how wonderful my co-teachers are?  One of my favorites took my kit and created an interactive flipchart for the activity.  She also printed off the kit to create pieces for various centers (something I never even considered for my kit!).  Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my work in other people's classrooms being put to use (especially when it is used in ways beyond what I even intended!).  I took some pictures of her efforts to share with all of you:
Mrs. B already has her book all laminated and binded!  This will
be a classroom favorite (even after the holiday) because it is repetitive
and based on Brown Bear, Brown Bear
I never even thought of this!  Mrs. B printed out the themed word
wall cards and is going to hang them around the room (like a write the
room center) for a read the room center.  After the children have
read them several times, she is creating a center to match up the words
(without the picture clue, of course!) to the monkeys based on their costume.
Reading books on the big screen give Big Books a whole new meaning!

The work together word problems were made much more
kindergarten friendly when Mrs. B added pics of the
characters to the flipchart!

This is my favorite activity in this kit.  It gives the children the
power to give out awards for the costume contest.  This is a
great way to practice ordinal numbers.  You can do it together
whole group, but then each child can make their own decisions
back at their seat with their own paper!

Come check out my latest listing that I created for my classroom!

Anyone who purchases my Costume Party can get this companion flipchart (compatible for Promethean Boards and any other board that can read PB files) FREE by emailing me their TpT name and date of purchase.  This is also for people who have already purchased this kit previouly and are interested in having the flipchart as well!  Email me at .

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