Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do You Do Popcorn Words? Some Help and a Freebie

In case you are unsure, "popcorn words" are merely words that pop up all of the time and are also known as sight words or high frequency words.  The one thing I noticed being searched for EVERY SINGLE day is my popcorn template that I provided this summer.  I provided this for people to upload and create their own popcorn words for their classroom and make a display that could possibly look like this:
Go see The Teacher Wife if you are interested in the ABC Popcorn Boxes!
 My wall looks even better with several popcorn pieces that we have
already added this year!

I have done popcorn words for years, originally finding out about them from Building Blocks Literacy Framework for Kindergarten (same as 4 Blocks Literacy Framework).  It makes SO much sense to the children and is just tons more fun than saying, "Let's practice our sight words."  I do use the real words for these words interchangeably so they don't get in any arguments with their 1st grade teachers ("Well, Mrs. Miner said they were popcorn words, not high frequency words."). 
I have a couple of sets at TpT that could either help you build a new spelling program for kindergarten, restructure one you have, or follow along with a mandated spelling program (like Treasures, that I have to do).
I have added a new product that I think will be very helpful to many of my readers.  It is called
Building Popcorn Words and looks like this:

It includes weekly cut, build, and glue activities that follow along with my Monkey Popcorn Word Fun Unit.  Here are some of my students' completed pages for the first week. (The first week is very easy, it gets progressively more difficult for students as the weeks go on). 

Also included in the kit is a pocket chart header and pictures (if you want to make it a pocket chart center, this would come in particularly handy):

But, the most important piece of the kit are the following pieces.  The blank word cards are placed on the pocket chart and then the children "build" the words based on what they know about the words they are building (How many letters does the word have?  Does it start with a tall letter or a hang down letter?)  These boxes correlate with the boxes on the independent center sheets as well.

 These pictures are when I passed out the letter cards to the
children and we built them whole group.  Below, is how I
have the center set up.
The blank templates for the words are together, while the letter cards are
all separate.

I am posting my free popcorn word template once again because it has been so popular:

Tell me your sight word activities going on in your classroom!


  1. I went to the second hand store and bought as many cute, kid-friendly, mini photo albums as I could find. I wrote our sight words on index cards and filled the photo albums for take home studying.

    I also took magnetic letters, filled colorful balls (they are similar to the plastic Easter eggs)with the letters that build each sight word. The kids 'crack' the egg, build the word on mini magnetic boards (the size of a textbook).

    So,first they build the word, then read the word aloud, next they write the word, and as ability allows, they create a 7-up sentence(a sentence that uses 7 or more words). I have an empty 7-up bottle in our classroom to remind leaners to stretch their sentence) correctly using the sigth word.

    This is done in a small group center where they turn to their neighbor for assistance and quick checks as needed.

  2. I am a new follower. Love your popcorn word ideas. Please come and check out my blog as well!

  3. I use the same popcorn boxes, but I LOVE the way that you have yours set up!! Your unit looks totally fabulous. I am going to have to put that in my cart!! I love the way the kids build the words in the pocket chart and they can see if the letter is tall or goes below the iine!!

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