Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Orange Splot: Mixing Colors Literacy Activity

 I do this activity on Orange Day, after we read the book The Big Orange Splot.  It is a book about a neighborhood where every house looks exactly the same until an orange splot drops down on one.  At first, nobody likes it because it is different due to the orange splot BUT they all eventually realize that different can be a good thing.  We use this book to talk about our differences and how that is what makes us special.  Then I take out the "ketchup" and "mustard" (just paint in ketchup and mustard bottles I found at the dollar store) and drop "splots" in the middle of each student's pre-folded paper.

Next, we have to close our papers and rub (A LOT) to make sure the yellow and red get mixed to create our very own orange splot. 
When the children open their papers, they all have entirely different shaped splots. 
The next day, we revisit the book and discuss how Mr. Plumbean used the orange splot to create something else on his house and I encourage the children to do the same after I demonstrate with mine.
 This year, I turned mine into a duck and, consequently, got a few other ducks from the children.  But, I also had some very creative ideas from other students:
 Like this lion.....
 As well as this fabulous story about a castle which an orange splot also landed on just like the house in the story!  


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