Friday, August 26, 2011

Who Loves Pete the Cat? and a Secret Sale for My Followers

I enjoy Pete the Cat  on so many levels.  I love the simplicity of the book for my kindergarten students learning colors and loving a blue cat singing a predictable song.  Yet, I also love the complexity of it from an adult's point of view:  If we could all be so calm and relaxed in our little worlds (like Pete the Cat) when life throws us curve balls, our entire society would benefit.  I am hoping that, as the year goes on, and I continuously refer back to our friend, Pete, during sticky situations, the children will begin to grasp the greater concept hidden in one of their all-time favorite books.
Here are our Deanna Jump inspired Petes!
I began the school year with this book during KinderKamp and, since the students loved it so much, I decided I would continue when the new year begins with them next week.  I created an activity kit for that purpose that is jam packed with differentiated activities that can be used in a variety of ways for students of all ages.
One of my favorite things to do with children is directed drawings, so what better activity to create than a directed drawing Step By Step Guide on how to draw Pete the Cat.  Once you start doing directed drawings with your students, you won't be able to stop.  There are so many benefits of doing it in a whole group lesson, even beyond the basic listening skills and the transfer of the "learning to draw" skills.  Of course, I couldn't stop there, I went on to make materials for a retelling center and a reading center.  So, included in this 33 page set, are the following items that can be used in any way talented and creative teachers can come up with (way more than what I have suggested):
  1. Tips for having a successful Directed Drawing Session with your students.
  2. A Step By Step Guide How to Draw Pete the Cat to be printed and laminated for an independent center or reference as you direct this drawing with your class.
  3. Individual posters of each step to use with your document cam or projector.
  4. A printable coloring page with a cloze sentence at the bottom.  Children would need to decide what the pile is that Pete stepped in and fill in the missing blank ("Pete the Cat stepped in a large pile of _____________________.)either by dictation or writing.
  5. Same as above, only more tracing involved for emerging writers.
  6. A page that gives a starting point (Pete's head), so that children do not have to worry about placement or size of the starting point.
  7. A blank cloze page for older or more advanced listeners/artists.
  8. The next set of pages mimic pages 4-7 above.  Only the cloze activity is in a speech bubble that says, "I love my _________ shoes."  Once again, you will find differing levels to use depending on abilities and ages of participants.
  9. The retelling portion of this kit consists of Pete the Cat puppets (colored and black and white), "piles" to be made into anything children want, and shoes, of course, that need to be colored to match the different piles. 
  10. The center activity includes a shoe-less Pete with the sentence "Pete loves his ____ shoes."
  11. The sneakers that need to be colored all colors of the rainbow to match the color coded cards to be matched up during center time. 
  12. You will also find color cards that are all black for the higher learner to match.

The set woldn't be complete without printable Pete the Cat covers to put on top of all of your students pages to make a classroom book!
    My sale, just for YOU my follower:
    if you purchase the Pete the Cat Activity Kit for $8.00 and leave feedback, email me at telling me you did so and you can pick any other product at my store FREE.  So, essentially, it is a Buy One (Pete the Cat) Get One FREE!


  1. I just purchased your pete the cat directed drawing. I am leaving feedback right now!!

  2. I purchased your Pete the Cat yesterday and left feedback. For anyone contemplating whether to buy or not, I love the way this lesson differentiates!

  3. Did both of you (comments 1 nd 2) send me an email to let me know which free product you wanted? Make sure you take advantage of my Secret Sale for my followers! :)

  4. Oh, I didn't know that I needed to let you know...Let me check and get back to you!!

  5. Great ideas!'s on my tpt wish list.

  6. I can't find this in your store, is it still there?

  7. I was looking for this in your store too, and can't find it. Even just searched for "cat" and got nothing! I was hoping to do the guided drawing with the kids! :(

  8. Do you still have this deal for Pete the cat, I would love to get it


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