Thursday, August 18, 2011

Want More Traffic to Your Blog? Here's My Secret....

I have heard so many people say in the education world that they want to start a blog or want to get their blog up and running. I have said that for a few years now and decided that this summer was the time. I began my blog and, for days (alright, maybe it was weeks), my only follower was my kindergarten teacher neighbor (and best of friend!), Stephanie. As thankful as I was that she was my lone follower of my blog, I wanted my word to spread further than someone whom I already share everything with anyway, but I didn’t know where to start.

Then, out of the blue (but heaven sent, I say) came an ad for Teaching Blog Traffic School and something told me to keep reading (only because it looked so teacher-driven and teacher-friendly).

The reason the “ad” was so teacher-friendly is because it was written by a teacher who has been “in the trenches” and “gets it”. There is something to be said for colleagues who have been there and done that. Just by knowing that Charity Preston was a teacher, I also felt as though I automatically knew that:

  • I was dealing with a trustworthy person
  • I was dealing with a person who understands the demands of a teacher these days, as well as the time it takes to be a good teacher
  • I was looking at a product that had depth and would be of utmost quality
  • I knew her intentions were to assist others, not just “make a buck”
  • I would be paying for something that would be well-worth my money
Okay, so I was so right about all of my thoughts about The Teaching Blog Traffic. What I didn’t realize was to the extent that I was right. I started this class about 8 weeks ago and have gone from that 1 friend follower to over 292, started a fan page on Facebook and already have almost 400 fans and also more than quadrupled my TpT followers (thanks everyone who does this with me!)….. and I know this is just the beginning because I have only gotten through two thirds of the course because there are so many things to do and places that I have been introduced to.
Charity puts everything in a basic, make-sense, common language, organized (of course it is organized, she is the owner of The Organized Classroom Blog) fashion that is easy to understand and replicate at your own pace. No matter what your goal is, Charity is there to assist you to achieve it! It’s like having your own personal coach because she is there (often immediately) to help you with any question you have along the way.
So if you are ready to start or extend your blogging experience, now is the time! Go to Charity’s Teaching Blog Traffic School

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