Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Secret Glue Procedures FREEBIE

One of my favorite bloggers, Heidi Butkus, brought up a great subject (well, for teachers of young children anyway) today on HeidiSongs Facebook Fan Page:
The verdict is in-- it works and I can speak from personal experience that it has definitely been one of the best management advice I've ever gotten.  It saves time and headaches, as well as just allowing students to do their gluing and be finished.

Then a teacher said that glue was her "arch nemesis" and wanted to know how the rest of us get our children to use glue appropriately.  Of course, many of us use sayings and songs to try to avoid the never-drying globs and the messy glue all over the table, but what else can we do?  Then it happened...I was inspired (as I always am by the blogging world...thanks, as always) to create the Top Secret Glue Procedures for Beginning Gluers:
Click here to go grab this while its free!
The kit includes a song that goes to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell, as well as two pages for students to actually practice what they have "learned" in the song.  So, head on over to grab this kit and please come back and let me know how it works out with your little, glue-loving friends!


  1. Thanks for sharing! This is my little glue secret! Tap and Glue lids - glue doesn't come out unless the tip is depress on the hard surface of a paper and the bottle is getting squeezed at the same time. No more big globs squirting all over the paper. It takes training to teach kids how to actually get the glue out, but one bottle of glue lasted my 1st graders the whole year with these lids!

    @ http://laura-armstrong-martinez.blogspot.com/

  2. You are simply amazing! Love it...thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I will be testing this out with my kiddos soon.

  4. I teach pre-k and when we use the bottled glue we chant dot dot not a lot :)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I will definitely use them with my students :)

  6. Thanks so much and thank you for pointing me to Heidi! I literally brought 30+ glue bottles home yesterday with a container of vasoline to begin the process. I'm waiting to see how her PAM solution works before I start on them. Wish me luck!!
    Whyte Water

  7. I took my lids apart this year and soaked all the parts in vegetable oil. It was hard work pulling all the orange lids off the white screw cap, but so far it's been working well and we haven't had any clogging issues!

  8. The Vasoline works great and is well worth the time it takes. Another pet peeve of mine is messy paint cups. I line the cup with a baggie - not a zip - and secure with an elastic. Simply throw away the baggie when it is empty. No more soaking or scrubbing grubby paint cups!


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