Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take a Tour of my Classroom and Grab A Freebie From Around my Room

I had KinderKamp (2 half day transition program for kinders and teachers alike!) and our theme was Pete the Cat.  Oh boy, I am not sure who loves Pete or the kids.  Mrs. S and I focussed all of our plans on this blue cat and it was so much fun.  On this board you can see our Deana Jump inspired cats with a think aloud that we filled out for the children.  Award for most original goes to a little boy who said, "Pete the Cat stepped in a large pile of blood.  It turned his shoes all red!"  So cute!  Watch for a post of my Pete the Cat mini unit printables!  Oh, yeah, I almost forgot:  Thanks for your wonderful help, Mrs. G!
 Ta da!  My brand new Popcorn Word Wall!  Won't this look Poppin' when there are yellow popcorn pieces with words on them popping out of the boxes?  I can thank the installation of my (incredible) Promethean Board for this spacious word wall.  Between my easel and my Ladibug, I no longer need my old shower boards as white boards (that didn't really work anyway).  My, how times are a changin'!  If you are interested in the display boxes (aren't they great?)- I have The TeacherWife to thank for them.  If you want them, they are posted on my Pinterest board Things to Print, which, obviously, I can move to another board...maybe, Freebies I Love!
 This is a picture of my small group area.  Take note of the cute, little crates with puffy tops for my little cherubs to sit on during guided reading groups (once again, thank you, Pinterest!).  They tuck so neatly underneath my trapezoid-shaped table and readily store extra books that I don't need out.  The orange drawers are my unit materials for Treasures.  I created these labels that include the Unit theme, sight words and letter focus so I can quickly "refile" books and materials.  If you are a Treasures teacher, feel free to grab them here:
  Once again, if you like the Polka Dotted Borders (I happen to love them) you can find the link to Little Miss Kindergarten's Polka Dotted Border Freebie on my Pinterest Board.  I also used these labels for the multicolored little drawers.  Each Unit has a drawer which all of my center materials and other reproducibles for each unit go into.  The leftover drawers are my center concept drawers where I store those materials.
You can also see my new clipchart and my Monday through Friday boxes on top of the multicolored drawers.

 This is a new addition to my classroom.  I love the coziness of the loveseat and my Alphabet Table that I totally revamped from a $5 ramshackle of a coffee table that (if I had to guess, I would say it likely came from a Frat House somewhere out there!).  I go to yard sales and find those cheap diamonds in the rough because I love to have nice things in my classroom, but I DO NOT like to spend my family's money on them.  I can so picture my kids kneeling and writing at this table!  I only had to remind one little monkey that it isn't a hopscotch table today! Not bad for day two, huh?
 I almost didn't show this picture, but I did because it is quite an accomplishment (in progress).  This is the first year that I have this shelf in full view of the classroom.  It is my teacher shelf which stores all of my teacher resource books (look how few I have!  I decided that most stuff I find online anyway and then end up changing it to suit my needs anyway, so I didn't really need the books to copy from anymore!) and my teacher tools.  I guess I decided that if it is showing, I have to keep it nice and neat (although I am going to miss the magnetic back)!
 Listening Center is in need of a little love.  Nothing a throw rug and a couple of puffy pillows can't cure!  I am also going to hang some 3 hooks under the listening center sign to hang the headphones on and ditch the pencil rack.  It is cute, but not great for this because the cords get entangled.
 This is how I have my students' nametags for the first couple of weeks so we are constantly looking at them.  My first kindergarten teammate shared this "Listen, listen to the game..."  It is a great name game to start the year with.
 This is the reading nook which I am sure will double as the cool down corner and the sick bay at some point this year!

Is it just me or do these pictures make my room look spacious?  Don't let them fool you, spacious it is not.  I guess the pictures are deceiving...
I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my classroom, I know I really love to look at everyone else's classrooms when they are all set up and ready to go!  Happy New (school) Year!


  1. I love your paper lanterns - where did you find them? Everything looks great!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  2. I got them at The Christmas Tree Shop (our latest excitement up here in Maine!). Not sure if it is just a New England store, but that's what I'm thinking! They were only $1 each. I think they are so fun!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. What an awesome job and wonderful ideas. They will have fun learning from their amazing teacher this year :)

  5. I also love the paper lanterns! I may have to add those after the fire marshall visit in october :)

  6. Just found your blog while searching on pintrest. Your room looks great! Where did you get the blue & green alphabet rug? I LOVE that!

  7. What do u do on your alphabet table?

  8. Could you add a picture of the top of the table? Would love to see how it turned out.


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