Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Great Office Max Coupons for Teachers

Now that teachers are gearing up for another school year, the folks at OfficeMax are eager to spread the word about a couple of special promotions that can help teachers (and schools) save a few pennies. These deals were created just for education bloggers and their audiences (that's YOU and ME). I’ve uploaded the coupons on Google Docs, so feel free to download them for your use.
Through the OfficeMax ImPress Print Center, teachers can take advantage of three deals:
· Between August 21 and 27: $0.29 on color copies (regular price is $0.49)
This would be great to save your personal printer ink!  You could get your ABC cards or any other reference charts that you could laminate (see below) and use year after year!  Also great for printing out multiple copies of center materials in color!
· Between August 21 and September 24: $8.99 on 18”-by-24” posters (regular price is $17.98)
This is a phenomenal deal (if it is for colored posters, which I believe it is!).  You could enlarge your ABC anchor chart for your classroom.  Just picture--ANYTHING you have on your computer can be enlarged to be HUGE and WONDERFUL for little learners!  I enlarged all of my color song posters (in my Celebrating Our Colorful World Unit) this way.  I just love having typed, enlarged font as opposed to my handwriting!
· Between August 28 and September 24: 50% off on lamination services
 Fabulous deal, especially if you don't have a laminator at your school!
Inside of every OfficeMax store, teachers will find a full-service OfficeMax ImPress Print Center staffed by experts who can help them with any of their classroom needs, including exhibits, posters, workbooks, laminated learning aids and more.


  1. If you have a Mardels in your area, lamination is only 20 cents a foot every day.

  2. Sorry I should have put this is the other comment. Eith the color copy sale it is a great time to use the games out of magazines like Mailbox and make color copies keeping the original in tack for future use.

    I can't see to type because of the button extension, so I apologize if I spelled something wrong.

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