Thursday, July 21, 2011

My New Treat Jars and a Freebie For You

 These are my new treat jars for my classroom.  I got the jar set at a yard sale for $1.50 and I immediately knew what I would do with it.  I always have TINY treats on hand for the students.  I don't give them ALL of the time, but there are times when I use them for motivation, to thank students who have done well, or to help my kindergarten kiddos make it through a grueling TEST (who would know that 10 years ago I would have to use my treat jars for THAT?). 
Even though I lucked out with this yard sale find, surprisingly finding something before Stephanie, you can still easily have a treat buffet.  I used to use Crystal Light containers and I even had a water bottle with a label.  It just looks so much cooler (and, of course, way more motivating) in a labelled container versus right out of the bag. 
My boys (4 and 6) were devastated when they found out that this Treat Buffet wasn't going to stay here and immediately begged me to make them one.

I uploaded my labels to Google docs  (although it looks like they aren't uploading as pretty as my original??) if you are interested in making your own Treat Jars.  Who knows, maybe you can find something unique to use at a yard sale this weekend!  Good luck!


  1. I love these!! They are gorgeous :) What did you put in the Brain Power Pellets jar? I see SkITTLES and Gummy Bears :)

  2. I had the same question..about the pellets in the jar. I was wondering if they might be teddy grahams? I saw your skittles, I love those m & m shapes that dispense candy; so I use one of mine to dispense skittles and sometimes jellybeans. The kids love it.

  3. yes, they are Teddy Grahams and the one in the back is flavored marshmallows (gross!). anything small and cheap will go in my treat jars!

  4. These labels printed very well. Thanks


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