Friday, July 8, 2011

The Immediate-No Fail Attention Grabber for Kinders

I'm joining Miss Kindergarten's Linky Party with a fun, kid-tested, (almost) guaranteed way to grab your kindergarten students' attention:

Do you ever want a SILENT line of 5 year olds walking down the hall?  What about IMMEDIATE silence during play time to let them know there is a safety drill coming up?  Some say the word SILENT has nothing to do with kindergarten, BUT I have a way for you to get it if you ever need it (or, let's face it, want it!)in your classroom.  Two words....monkey faces!  I had no pictures of my students doing it (because we are always in the throws of something very important when I request it, of course!)...but I was lucky enough to find two willing particpants to demonstrate exactly what a monkey face looks like.
It is simple.  These two boys learned how to do it instantly and then I heard (ahhhhh...) silence:
1) Pull out your ears straight like a monkey.  (try touching the person in front of you  or rubbing your hands along the artwork on the wall when your hands are busy pulling out your ears).
2) Puff your cheeks out and purse your lips together (hmmmm....try talking now!)
It's fun and silly and it works like a charm!  Everyone wants to give Mrs. Miner their "cutest monkey face"!
Warning: Some children need a reminder to breath.  Holding your breath is NOT a prerequisite to perform your "best monkey face"!


  1. This is hilarious! Are those your boys? They are super cute :)

    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  2. Love it! I have used monkey tails and bananas before as a line management tool. If I said, "Monkey tails and bananas." They had to clasp their hands behind them like a tail and then pretend to have a banana in their mouth. I love your idea for use at carpet or desk time though!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  3. I was trying to teach my kindergarteners how to walk in the hall today and their hands were all over each other and the walls! I am very excited to use this on Tuesday next week when my students come back! Thanks Krissy!

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