Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Love VistaPrint's Freebies--Here's Some Ideas for You

I love doesn't matter what it is (really) so long as it looks nice and it is personalized.  Especially when it comes to gift giving and my classroom, I am all about the uniqueness and personalization.  The problem is that I am also very frugal and personalization often costs a lot more than generic items.
Not at Vistaprint though!  I love it there because the quality of their products is incredible and you can be as creative and personal as you want when creating your items to purchase (actually, to get for free).  Here are some items I have created over the past couple of years:

This is actually a HUGE, vinyl banner that I can use year after year to welcome the children and their families to Open House and the first few weeks of school.  It is personalize with my school name because I wanted to hang it in the hallway for all kindergarten rooms, not just my own.
 These are great for books, CDS, or anything else you might lend out to help your colleagues remember who they borrowed it from.

 These adorable post cards that I turned into birthday cards came in a pack of 100--that means I got 5 years worth of birthday cards which are personalized for FREE!

 These are business cards which come in packs of 500.  They are so fun to give out at the beginning of the year because the kindergarten kiddos think you are giving them a million dollars when they get a monkey card!  I like to be able to hand them out to everyone when the whole class has a great day.  Then, I'll write the children's names on the cards (in advance) so that, when I start handing them out individually, I will know who still needs to get one! 

 This is my favorite item I've gotten from Vistaprint (of course, it is the worst picture, sorry, I know its hard to see).  Basically, what it is is a business card magnet that says "Did you know we have a lot in common? It's the best interest of your child."  Then it lists my contact information. I want the parents to know right away how much I value their input concerning their child.  We have to remember that kindergarten is usually a child's first ALL day structured setting and it frightens lots of parents to think that their child is starting that journey without them.  The more we make families aware of our willingness to work with them, along with how much we care about their child's success, the easier they are going to be to have around and discuss matters with if you need to.
These are some FREE rubber stamps I created.  As a side note, I also made stamps for both of my boys with just their name on it.  They come in very handy for labelling items as well as for name recognition when they are younger.  Children of all ages love to stamp, especially if the end result is their name!

 Here are two versions of personalized Thank You notes that I always have handy for those special little gifts children bring me, for the school supply donations parents make, or for the times when parents volunteer.  I feel that is always important to show appreciation for things that people for my classroom, especially when it saves money out my pocket or time out of my schedule.  I always hope that parents will save the thank yous I give to their kiddos, so they can look at it when they are older and remember that they gave their kindergarten teacher their old, torn apart stuffed monkey.

One more thing, you do have to pay shipping.  But, if you choose 21 day shipping (it has never taken that long) it is very cheap, especially considering all of the PERSONALIZED treasures you are getting!


  1. Krissy,

    I, too, LOVE Vista print. I use the FREE postcards as personalized Thank-You notes. I also have some of the business cards that I use for positive praise notes. I also use the FREE small magnets to send home at Open House for parents to use to hang great papers on their fridge! :) I am sending you a sample of my "stuff" to your e-mail.


  2. oh, yeah! thanks for sharing! i love to get new ideas!

  3. ahhhh! Are all these free except for shipping? I'm trying to place an order but am a little overwhelmed:(( Help?

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Tara, Not necessarily everything is free at the same time. You have to click on the left hand sidebar where it says free items to see what is free right now. It changes all of the time. Hope that helps. Krissy

  5. It does:) I am new to this so thanks bunches!! So I should def. sign up for their emails so I know when other stuff is free?? Love your blog:) Would love it if you stopped by mine sometime;)

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. Ok! Thanks, that helps bunches:) So I should def. sign up for the emails to know when other stuff is free? I new to Vista Print. I love your blog:) Would love it if you stopped by mine sometime;)

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. Sorry, didn't mean to post computer is acting all screwy:(

    4th Grade Frolics

  8. I love vistaprint and use there monkey stuff too : ) That is what I call my daughter!! Stopping in to follow from BSN!

  9. Thanks for linking up! I like your thank you postcard!
    Thanks, Nancy

    The Apple Basket Teacher

  10. Nice collection of post card new idea and new excitement. andkon

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