Monday, July 4, 2011

I Learned Something New Today

I am so happy to tell you all something you probably already know.  I found out that you don't need a commercial license to use Scrappin' Doodles incredible clipart you purchase, so I made my first purchase!  Of course, it included many of the monkey sets that are oh-so-adorable. 
So, here is my first creation:  the cover of My Monkey Books (which are my home communication binders that many of you also do).
Yes, I know, it will take tons of my printer ink BUT it will be worth it because they are so much fun.  Another blogger mentioned laminating them before you stick them in the clear front to try to save them from year to year.
See what you can find at Scrappin' Doodles! Maybe you want to revamp your Home School Binders like me! 


  1. I love this font so much more than the first one you used!

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