Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eating 3D Shapes

One of my faves, Leslie from KindergartenWorks is having a Linky Party for teaching 3D shapes.  We just happen to be on this same exact Common Core Standard RIGHT NOW!  Here is an activity we do as a culminating project:

During our Geometry Unit in math, our kinders get to know the shapes by manipulating them, identifying them in our environment, building with them, and even eating them!  My best Kinder Neighbor, Stephanie (who is currently getting her blog going as well!) and I get our classes together and share a 3D Shaped snack.  It can be anything that represents each of the basic 3D shapes, but we, of course, use whatever is available and appropriately shaped at our local Dollar Tree at the time. 
This year the snack included cylinder shaped gum, cone shaped Bugles, sphere shaped cheese balls, and cube shaped caramels.  Simple, easy, kindergarten learning- that is what we are all about! Of course, we graphed their favorite shape and the results just might surprise you!


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