Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Says Blog Stalking Doesn't Pay?

I was doing some blog stalking and low and behold...look what I found:

A blogger giving away $50 to Lakeshore & $25 to Target

Please tell me if there is one single teacher out there who wouldn't be thrilled to win this?  It's EASY, SMEAZY, LEMON SQUEEZY (sorry, I miss talking to a group of kinders already!) to follow the link above and enter this great giveaway!
Oh, and an added bonus for my blog stalking? I found Erica's blog and learned that she is a Whole Brain Teacher, like I am (well, try to be by using pieces of the framework).  That was something I wanted to continue researching this maybe Erica can help me on my way. 
See, it really pays to blog stalk!  Find time in your day to do, too, will become addicted and get "paid" in ways you'll never know. 

1 comment:

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