Thursday, June 30, 2011

Using Web Resources During Center Time--Printables!

Have you guys been introduced to Cricketweb Literacy's website?  I just found it this year and used some of its offerings as literacy centers.  My favorite is Word Dice:
It is very simple to set up.  Once you click on the small red dice in the lower right hand corner, you will get this page:
This is where you decide whether you use 1 or 2 die and then program it with whatever you want.  I start off easy and just use the popcorn words we are studying or reviewing at the time:
I have a group do it together, so they have to take turns "rolling the dice" which is simply clicking on the die.
Then, they graph which words show up on the die each time a group member "rolls" the die.  I use Kindergarten Crayon's (an awesome K blog!) Roll A Word Graphs, but there are many versions available or you may even have your own.  I just got tired of making all of the dice for each group of words and finding a good way to store them for the next year, so that's why I love this activity.
So, here are Kindergarten Crayon's great printables to use:

Or, you can use these die to program word parts of CVC words like this:

When the students roll, they need to work together to blend the words and decided if it is real or not:

And they can use the following recording sheet to sort real vs. nonsense words:
Or, you can use these die to practice silent e words like we do!  Program the die like this:
To get this:
or this:
and record here:


  1. I sure wish I had an IWB! But I'm stealing copies of your sorting papers! Very cute! Thanks for sharing!
    Counting with Coffee

  2. I like this! Thanks for sharing it!

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